Today’s music video is for the song “C. U. N.ext T.uesday,” from my newest album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back!” (Produced by T. Whistle)



Back in April, we had a new person come to live with us.  His name is Terry, and he produces beats.

I should re-phrase that last part: he doesn’t just produce beats, he creates AUDIO MASTERPIECES.  I mean, the beats this dude can create are absolutely OUTSTANDING – everything from rock to techno, hip-hop, sample remixing, the works.  Everything down to the smallest detail is included in his beats, and he’s consistently cranking out bangers everyday.

With all that said: I was still working on my album when he first came here, and at the time I thought I had all the song ideas for it that I wanted.  I remember going to Las Vegas for the weekend to visit my Aunt and Uncle (and this girl I was seeing at the time); and when I came back I got home, went to bed, woke up the next morning, and Terry was in the living room playing back a song he had worked on the day before.

The song had no title, but his verses had been inspired by an ex-girlfriend who had called him the day before.  It was a verse talking about being angry, calling her various names, and other things that one feels when a girl has done various wrongs to them.  He had split his 16-bars into two verses, both followed by a chorus, and then…. nothing.

Yes, there was an entire 16-bar section left with no one on it.  I believe he had asked Joe, my other roommate, to be on it, but he had suggested that I may be a better fit for the song.

I listened to his verse one time – ONE time – and was instantly inspired to write something.

I found a pen as fast as I could, and just started to write some of the craziest, most profane stuff I could think of.  Granted, when it comes to rapping I don’t usually like to use too many curse words – after all, I’d like my Mom to be able to hear these songs should I decide to make a video for them.

At the same time, though, I have felt similar emotions to what Terry had spit during his verse.  When someone does you wrong, or cheats on you, or breaks up with you, the LAST thing you want to feel is happy, upbeat rational.  And, usually, you feel like cussing the other person out.  Thus, giving me an excuse to use bad language in this song.

As for the stuff I wrote about?  I can’t even quote it here – you’ll just have to watch the video!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. The song is only 2 minutes and 37 seconds long, yet was probably one of the longer recording sessions I’ve done.  When I’m recording by myself I usually do just a few takes for layers purposes; with this one, though, Terry had me saying my verse over and over again, at least a good 10 to 15 times.  We also had the song professionally mixed by a friend of his – this is one of the more polished-sounding songs currently in my catalog!

2. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the title!  Well, back in 2004 I recorded an album called “This is ONLY a Demo.”  That album had a song on it called “C.U.Next.Tuesday” as well – it was a song where I tied a girl up to a chair, cried my eyes out to her about how I thought we were going to be together (before she chose someone else instead), then killed both of us off before the cops arrive.  However, I couldn’t actually sell that song since I didn’t own the beat, and the song sounded kinda pathetic to me now that I’m no longer such a wussy guy.  But, I figured it would be a GREAT title for this song since, once again, we’re dissing ex-girls.  I’m assuming you can figure out what the acronym of the title is…


After we recorded the song in April, we figured we should shoot a video for it.  I believe we started shooting it the very next day.

The idea was to make it a very simple, yet stylized video.  We shot our parts in front of a green screen, in different outfits, and at different angles (close-up shots, farther shots).  After we shot a few segments for it I began the process of editing it.

And then, life got in the way.

Specifically, there were special events and other opportunities coming up that warranted me making videos for other songs that would get me more attention and/or money at the time.  First, I had to make a video for “The Betty White Song (I’m Makin’ Moves)” because Betty White was hosting SNL in early May.  Then, I connected up with the Mixdown crew at KJLH to make a song for their NO U AINT shirts called – what else? – “No U Aint.” THEN, I figured I needed to make a remix version of THAT song for the Lakers since they were in the finals, which meant making a video for “No U Aint (Lakers Anthem Version)” as well. (Which was a GREAT idea, as it’s now the #2-selling Lakers-theme song on iTunes!)

In the midst of all this, I got the idea to make the “C.U.N.ext T.uesday” video not just something flashy-looking, but something with a plot as well.  I decided it would be a good idea to make it a video where the ex-girlfriend being talked about in the video comes home to watch TV, only to discover our song in different video forms being played on every channel she turns to.

The hardest part was finding girls to stop by and help us out.  We had some girls who came by to hang out but didn’t think they were dressed appropriately, while others were camera shy.  Our neighbor upstairs volunteered to help us, but at times either she ended up being busy or tired, or I’d be out and about filming other things around town.

Ironically, while the hardest part was trying to get girls we knew very well to help us, the girls that ended up being in the video are girls we had NEVER met before that night.  Another rapper friend of ours stopped by with the two lovely ladies… but it was around 12 AM in the morning.  By 2 AM I was doing all I could to stay awake, and I was about to go to bed when I thought to myself:

“Hey, wait a minute… there are two girls over there, and we could use two girls for the video…”

I asked them if they’d be willing to shoot a part for the video, and they said “yes” without hesitation.  Now THAT’S the kind of people I like to work with!

And so it was that, at 2 AM in the morning, we shot two girls reacting to the stuff they’d be seeing us do on-screen.  After that, all the shots for the video were complete…


Oh no, we weren’t done just yet!  The shots of ourselves we’d taken back in April were great, except for ONE small problem – they were ALL green screen.  I thought it would be nice to get a couple of location shots to boot.  Terry and I had found a nice closed-in alleyway with graffiti on its walls while attending another video shoot one day.  We went back to it one afternoon and took some solo and group performance shots just as the sun was starting to set.  A couple of days later while riding in the car, I got the brilliant idea of taking the camera out and taking some more footage of us performing the song.

All of this, and I haven’t even talked about the editing yet!

To make it short: I didn’t just want each scene to be us in front with the green background having the only effect placed on it.  When you look at the video, you’ll notice shots where just the background is changed, while other shots have the background AND us with a video effect.  Even with the shot of us in the car, I made it look like a moving half-real/half-cartoon hybrid.  Definitely adds some interesting flavor to the video!

Overall, this is one of the most ambitious videos I’ve ever edited or put together for ANYONE.  I think part of it was Terry’s insistence that this video be a true representation of how good our stuff is, as opposed to just “throwing something out there.”  I don’t know how many views it will end up getting, but I’m definitely proud of the product – both song-wise and video-wise – that have been put together!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. The day we shot the graffiti wall footage, I had a date I was supposed to be at 30 minutes after filming.  My biggest worry was not sweating too hard when I did my takes because I didn’t want to smell bad.  We got all of our shots and then drove as fast as we could to get me to the movie theater on time… and it turned out to be the wrong theater.  And it was closed.  And, when I called my date, it turns out the theater we were SUPPOSED to go to was ALSO closed.

2. All of the video effects used are built in to the Final Cut Pro 7 program.  So no, I am not a graphic designer – I just know how to make stuff look cool!

3. To make us look like our video was on TV, I shot 3 minutes of still camera facing towards a TV.  Then, I had to take a picture of a blank black color off the net and paste it onto where the glass of the TV was.  THEN, I had to paste our videos over top of that. It’s all about layering, people!

4. While filming the car scenes, there were a few cars who drove along side us and were just staring at us.  What, they haven’t seen anyone filming a music video in a car before?!?

5. There is a background used where T. Whistle and I are in black-and-white and it looks like a barrage of red kaleidoscopic things are happening in the background.  That’s actually a picture of a brick wall that I remixed into something funky-looking!

6. T. Whistle has one of his shots with a “C U Next Tuesday” banner in the background.  That’s actually the banner for an online women’s lingerie company with the same name.  Who knew?

7. In the first part of T. Whistle’s second verse he says “Do I look like NORBIT, ’cause I think you is Rasputa.”  Both characters are from the film “Norbit,” and he thought it would be a good idea to show mini-flashes of them at the parts where he said their names.

8. Oh yeah – the beginning “warning” text is an ode to South Park (my favorite show)… and also a warning to my Mom to NOT watch this video.  She doesn’t like to hear cussing (and yet, for some reason blood, guts, fighting and violence doesn’t bug her at all!).

That’s all for now – enjoy the video! You can get the song off my new album, “The Obama Milli Remix Guy Strikes Back,” which you can get HERE!