Greetings, people!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I wanted to start a blog that would be helpful and encouraging to people.  Ya know, something people could read that would help uplift them during the day.

Well, after doing some research and reading a few other positive blogs, I came up with and started that blog!


1001 Things to Be Thankful!

Pretty sweet title, ain’t it?

The purpose of this blog is to highlight all the things us humans should be thankful for.  It’s a daily blog (except Sundays), and hits on everything from things that may seem unimportant (i.e. “The Puss That Comes Out When You Pop a Zit“) to things that are… well, important (i.e. “Procedures That Limit Procreation (Humans)“).

It’s pretty hilarious, so check out the site today and start being thankful, people!