In the journey to becoming a musician, there have been people in my life who have been helpful to me in various aspects of my life.  Be it a kind word, money, equipment, or just being there to talk to, I have been very appreciative to have the blessings of those along the way that have gotten me to where I am thus far, and continue to help me as I look towards going further.

So, since I’m in a reflective mood, I figured it was time to point out some of these people and give thanks.  After all, there’s no sense in doing it once they’re dead, right?


You would think this would go without saying, but you’d be surprised how many parents are actually NOT supportive of their kid going “rogue,” i.e. entering the entertainment biz.  Yet my parents always told me and my bro to follow whatever it is we wanted to do.  For that I am eternally grateful, ’cause I’d hate to be feeling guilty all the time about disappointing them for not being… well, whatever it is I’d be feeling pressured to be.


He’s the one person I can count on to give me his honest opinions about my songs.  Sometimes I’ve been told that certain songs suck, which can be hard to hear… but it also lets me know that, when he hears something he DOES like, that he’s not me, and that it must be a REALLY good song.


My first apartment roommate in college.  When I got my first set of recording equipment, he was more than understanding enough to leave the apartment during the times I wanted to record.  He’s also been surprisingly supportive – I had no idea half the time that he was watching my videos or listening to my songs!


We were friends at Hampton, but he eventually moved back to Cali, his home state.  When I moved out to L.A. last year I ran into him at a party and he said we should work together.  Since then, we’ve collaborated on a plethora of filming projects, and because he’s got a REAL camera (i.e. not a Kodak camera like I was using), I’m able to produce videos at a higher quality than I was before.  He’s also my friend, and I get to have more of a “hang out” life than I did in any other place I’ve lived up to this point.


We were also friends at Hampton – specifically, we acted in a play together – and when I moved out here I found out she had already been out here for a couple of years.  We re-connected the same month, and since then she has been a regular presence in my life (even moreso now that we’re neighbors!).  She reminds me of my brother in girl-form: very opinionated, willing to express her true feelings about things, and not afraid of being herself (a thing that’s hard to come by with most girls in L.A.).  We’ve both been there for each other through life’s ups and downs, and continue to be supportive of each other’s endeavors.  Oh, and she likes my music, too, which is a definite plus!

6. K.K.O.F.

Formerly known as “King Kut,” he’s the guy who’s beats I’ve used for some of my most popular songs – “Kate Gosselin is a B*tch,” “Imma Let U Finish,” and, most recently, “No U Ain’t.”  He reached out to me during the height of “Obama Milli Remix” popularity and continues to be a supporter of my music.  His beat sounds have helped me to shape the type of “sound” I have for myself, which is a good thing since I believe all artists should have a recognizable sound of their own.

I’m sure there’s also a seventh person I should be thanking, though we don’t really speak to each other anymore.  He’s the reason I was able to move out to Cali in the first place, and set me up with the majority of the equipment I use now to do all of my various projects.  I don’t know what he’s doing now or why we don’t communicate like we used to, but I couldn’t go without thanking him for the lessons he taught me and the help he gave to me during my first few months out here.

I’m sure there are also tons of other people I could probably thank that indirectly had an influence on the type of music I make, or who helped get me to where I’m at.  But realistically, naming every single person I’ve come across over the years would take too long.  Just know that, if you’ve been in my life at some point, you are appreciated 🙂