Only 2 more weeks until the album drops!

In the meantime, I’m doing all I can to get the word out.  Right now, that means focusing on two very important things: radio play and performances.

Of those two things, the “radio play” aspect is usually the trickiest.  There are people who will say things like, “Oh, you can’t get radio play because (insert one of the following reasons here: ‘you’re not signed to a label that can submit it;’ ‘radio stations don’t play songs solicited by the artist himself;’ ‘they only play the same 20 songs, so getting your song played is going to be hard’).”

Of course, when people say this to me, they forget they’re talking to someone who had their song played globally without even TRYING to submit it to a radio station. And as the old saying goes, “I did it before, and I can do it again!”

The song I’m pushing for radio play right now is “No U Ain’t.”  In my mind, radio stations SHOULD play my song because it’s a no-brainer.  It’s a hot song, one that people can chant along to; lyrically, it’s not so difficult that people can’t memorize the words; people can relate to the sentiment of the song (namely, that someone who’s lying to them about how successful they are should be told the truth to their face – i.e. “No U Ain’t!”); the beat, courtesy of K.K.O.F., is a straight BANGER; and – most importantly – it’s got a T-shirt to go with it! With all of those elements, ANY radio station should be more than willing to play it.

All it takes it just ONE station to play it just ONE time.  It’s like that first domino – once it gets pushed down, all the other ones tend to follow suit.

In the meantime, though, I’m well into the second aspect, performing.  I performed some of my new two Saturdays ago and got a GREAT response.  My next performance will be Sunday night at one of my friends’ birthday parties. Whereas the last performance was more of a “get back out there and start performing” show, THIS one is going to be even better.  More people in the audience = more people being exposed to me and the song.  I’m making CD copies of the single to pass out (the single will have a mini-sample of some of the other songs I have on iTunes as well), and my ultimate hope is that I’m able to get requests for more performances after this one.  Plus, people will get to see me wearing the shirt, which will mean more people will want to buy it.

Beyond that, the rest of it is just recording and getting my stuff ready for the release date on June 8th!