Ladies and gentleman, the wait will soon be over…

On June 8th, 2010, A.P.T. is coming back… and this time, he’s taking no prisoners…

Featuring BRAND NEW music from A.P.T., with titles and songs so SHOCKING, he’d be a fool to tell you them just yet!

With SPECIAL GUESTS appearances from K.K.O.F., T. Whistle, and Tyga!

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody and other online retailers!

About the artist:

A.P.T. is a rising star in the rap game.  After taking the online and radio world by storm with his 2008 Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” remix, “Obama Milli” (over 10 million+ views on YouTube and tons of spins on radio stations around the world), A.P.T. went on to release his first album, “The A.P.T. LP.”  He later released “The Great Black Hope” LP (January 2009), as well as “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy,” his first ever LP on iTunes (September 2009).  He has sold thousands of songs, and has attracted new fans with his memorable performances and semi-controversial (but thoroughly entertaining) musical content.

A.P.T. has also become the king of YouTube music videos (, where he outshines his fellow underground peers with music videos that are funny, insightful, and extremely popular with his growing fanbase.  Most recently (March 2010), A.P.T. released a video for his song “Kate Gosselin is a B*tch” (produced by K.K.O.F.), which garnered over 25,000+ views in the first 3 weeks alone.

A.P.T. currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. For performance requests, contact A.P.T. at: