Greetings, people!

Well, I’ve finally decided to provide a little insight into my newest album project.  It’s at the “near completion” stage, and I’m sure I’ll be doing promo for it REAL soon (i.e. videos, interviews, etc.), so for those of you who have been patiently waiting for some new material from me, here’s some of what you need to know!

1. The album will be called…


Pretty cool title, eh?

There are two reasons why I chose this title:

(a) For marketing purposes.  It may be surprising to some, but the song is almost two years old and still pretty popular.  I continue to get monthly iTunes residuals from it each month; furthermore, if you go to iTunes and type in “Obama,” my song is still in the top 10 of all things Obama-related being sold on the site.

My last album was titled “Attack of the Obama Milli Remix Guy.” You may notice a theme here – my iTunes albums having the words “Obama Milli Remix” in it – but it makes it easier for people to find all of my songs.  Anytime someone types in the name of the single, all twelve songs from “AotOMRG” album pop up, thus letting them know that I’ve made more than ONE song.  Now, with this new album having those same words in the title, people will get even more of a variety of songs from me to choose from when they search out my most popular tune.

(b) The “Strikes Back” is also purposeful.  The opening tunes on the album are more aggressive – not in the 50 Cent sense where I’m trying to kill people, but more of a retaliation against certain things and/or people.  Prior to the “Obama” song blowing up, people ranging from those close to me to radio DJs and more wouldn’t even consider me being a “rapper.”  Then, once the song blew up, there were DJs and certain artists who tried to steal my song without giving me credit.  So, while the majority of the album is not an angry album – in fact, many of the songs range from being hilarious to club-oriented – I wanted some of the songs to give a feeling of “I’m not taking your crap anymore” to the listeners.

2. The tracks are very eclectic.

My goal for this album was three-fold: to strike back at some of the people who pissed me off during the height of the “Obama Milli Remix’s” popularity; to make songs that would prove how much of a hit-maker I really am; and to display some of my beat-making skills, as well as those of K.K.O.F., a beat-maker from ATL who is really on the verge of being a major producer in the game.  Allow me to be more detailed in each of these (without giving away the names of the songs):


I’ve already detailed this in the previous paragraph.  Needless to say, I had some pint-up anger I needed to get out, and I tend to do that best through writing.  On one track, I display my lyrical skills just in case people think I’m BSing about being a major player in the game. On other tracks, I go after everyone from DJs to old school rappers, and jealous haters.


At the end of the day, making music is a GREAT hobby, but it’s supposed to make me money.  I’ve become real good at creating choruses that are catchy, and picking out beats that will get the butts moving on the dancefloor.  Amazingly,  I can do this without having to talk about booty-shaking, smoking, drinking, killing, sexing, or the majority of other things most rappers tend to talk about.  You’ll get to hear a little bit more about my life on this album than I usually talk about, but it will be done with up-tempo beats, in true A.P.T. fashion.

Speaking of fashion, there are also a few songs that are geared towards fashion-shows and other areas where my songs could be used for product placement.  Most rappers put together albums without thinking about that part, but if your album doesn’t sell like you want it to, you can still make a killing off it if you have songs you can sell to sponsors.  Example: Kanye West probably made more money off the song “Amazing” from his “808s and Heartbreak” album than he did from the album’s actual sales.  Why? ‘Cause he sold it to the NBA to use during the finals last year – and THOSE checks ain’t no joke!

I say that to say, some of the songs were made with the thought that I could pimp them out for other purposes aside from just having people listen to them.  a 99 cent buy from a “fan” is great, but a 99 THOUSAND check from a company that wants to use my songs is even better.


The original reason for me making songs in the first place was to not only display my writing skills, but my beat-making skills as well.  Now that I’ve got some notoriety, I’m still working on getting my own beats out there, as well as those of some people I’ve come across since opening the site.

On this particular album, I’ve got a few beats I made that I feel are really going to hit hard with the public.  Some of them revolve around certain concepts, while others are just dope-sounding beats.  My particular beat-making style is actually pretty simplistic: much like Dr. Dre, I like to make beat patterns that are relatively not-complicated in theory, but are extremely effective in execution.

Another beat-maker on the album is K.K.O.F., formerly known as King Kut (which, for the record, he SHOULD go back to being called since he yells it as his tag on all his beats).  He lives in Atlanta, and his beats have that southern bounce and jive that reminds me of stuff T.I. would rap on.  I used a couple of his beats for the last project (as well as the Non Juan album, “909s and Heart Flatlines”), and since then he’s been working with some other guys in the rap game, like Yo Gotti and the Cash Money/Young Money crew. I’ve created some killer concepts for the songs that use his beats, so hopefully his star will continue to rise!

I’ve got a couple other beat-makers I’m using, but not too many more. Overall, though, all of the beats used work well together to make an album that sounds cohesive.

3. The promotion…

I’m still working on this part of the plan.  One thing is definite: There WILL be videos!

Some will be in-house and shot on the green screen, while others will actually have a budget and be shot OUTSIDE my apartment.  I haven’t made any A.P.T. music videos since September, so I got a few tricks up my sleeves for the visuals which I’m sure will ROCK YOUR WORLD!!

Aside from the videos, I’ll be doing the usual stuff associate with an album release, some of which I haven’t done before: Electronic Press Kit, radio interviews, performances, and some other fun stuff.

Aaaaand that’s about it!  I’m looking to finish up the album this week and send it to iTunes so it can be up sometime in May.  I’ll keep you posted!