This video is for the song “No Memories,” produced by Vybe Beatz.

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First off, I want to give some good news: I am BACK in song-writing mode!  This means I will also be posting up some more videos.  However, since this site was specifically dedicated to showcasing my “One-Song-A-Week” project from May 2008-May 2009, I will soon be opening up another site to post up my newer videos.  Until that happens, though, I’ll be posting them here, but I will keep you informed about the changes!

As for this song, there aren’t too many deep insights about the song.  I was lying around bored on my futon/bed this past Wednesday, and a chorus melody suddenly popped into my head that said: “No memories, no memories/Of me and you, I ain’t got no memories…”

I liked the chorus enough to check my beat archive and see if I had a beat to match it. Turns out, I had downloaded a beat by Vybe Beatz a couple of months back that went perfectly with the chorus.  From there, started thinking of some words to go with the melody, and the whole song was written in about 20 minutes!

The song is not about anyone in particular – I really just wanted to do a narrative type of song, and it ended up coming out that way.  Since the chorus talks about having “No Memories” of me and a girl being together, the words to the song correlate with that thought.  The first first deals with all the things I can’t remember about the girl, while the second verse talks about one final memory I have of said girl that ends up fading away near the end of the verse.

It’s a pretty cool song.  It’s not one of my funnier songs, but the concept is interesting enough to warrant some listens!


For this round of videos, I’m only interested in one thing: selling my “Bubbles is my Homeboy” T-shirts.

To that end, most of the videos will be pretty consistent in terms of what I’m doing in them: sitting on the bed mouthing the words to the song while wearing the same shirt.  Hopefully, this will allow people to match up their image of me with that shirt on, and, if they like me and the shirt enough, they’ll want to buy it!

With that said, I did switch my shirt up for the chorus, opting to wear one of my blue surfer shirts.  It was really more of a stylistic choice, nothing too thought out.

That’s all for the now!  Enjoy the video, and you can download the song at the following link: