A few weeks back, I did a video blog where I talked about TuneCore.com.  For those wanting to actually make money off your music, TuneCore is a site whereby you can load up your music and have it sent out to the major music hubs, like Amazon, Rhapsody, Napster, LaLa, and iTunes.

In my video blog, I mentioned that I decided to test out the program by sending one of my songs, “Obama Milli,” to their site.  Yada yada yada, the experiment worked, and for the last two months I have been getting actual royalties from TuneCore that they collected from the various site my song was placed on.

What I didn’t notice until today, however, was that I don’t just get paid when someone buys my songs… but also when my song gets streamed.  In other words, anytime someone goes to Rhapsody and plays my song, I get paid a whopping ONE cent (okay, it’s actually $.009).

Now, you may not think that getting a penny for a song is a big deal.  However, when I looked at the statement sheet, I noticed that, for the month of April, I made  $7.54 off the song being streamed 783 times on Rhapsody.  That means that, just by having people PLAY the song, I made money.

Now again, you may not think that $7.54 is a whole lot of money.  But think about it: I made that off of just ONE song.  I don’t have any other songs on any of these other sites at the moment, but imagine if I had 10 total songs streaming over at Rhapsody.  Even at a conservative number of – oh, let’s say, 500 streams per song – the total amount I’d make each month would be $45.  This may not seem like a huge deal, but considering that most albums sell at 7.00 a pop, and knowing that not all people like purchasing full albums these days, getting paid for 10 steaming songs sounds pretty kick-ass to me!

And again, that’s not even getting into how much money would be made if the whole album sells!  Because I’d be getting $7.00 from each album, I wouldn’t even have to sell that many albums to be “comfortable.”  Let’s assume my album goes to the 5 sites mentioned above, and each site only sells 5 albums a month.  At $7.00 profit (yes, PROFIT) per album from each site, that would be $35 per site x 5 sites, which equals $175 per month.

And that’s if I only have ONE album up.

As of right now, I have two albums I can legally sell, each with 11 or more songs, plus a third album I’m finishing up as part of my newest project (to be launched within the next two weeks).  So, let’s do the math one more time, shall we?:

$35 per site x 5 Sites = $175 per month per album

$175 per month per album x 3 albums = $525 per month total (Not including the money I’d make off streaming, of course :])

Wow… sorry, but now that I’m realizing the money to be made, I’m pondering why I didn’t sign up with TuneCore LAST year when the “Obama Milli” song first came out!!!

Anyway, since I’m still getting traffic off the song, I figure now is the time to place all my albums up for sale on TuneCore.  However, I don’t want to present the public with the records as the currently are.  It’s not that they are bad records, but the items I used to record them with last year are nowhere near as sophisicated as the items I’m using now (better computer, professional mic, etc.).

To that end, I am going to re-record the bulk of my tracks that I recorded last year, and place them up on TuneCore.  The first album up will be the one I’m currently working on – since we’re launching the site soon it will be the album that gets the most publicity.  Once I’ve finished recording the last few songs for that (which will be done this week), I will go back and focus on re-recording “The A.P.T. LP,” then “The Great Black Hope.”

It usually takes 6 weeks for the songs to appear on all the sites; I figure if I re-record the last two by the middle of July, they should be posted up on the sites by September.  By then, our site should be seeing an increase in traffic, which will also prove helpful to my musical endeavorus – especially when people start trying to Google me and figure out who the heck I am!