This week’s video is for the song, “I Hate Grad School,” a parody of Asher Roth’s “I Love College.”


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Asher Roth’s song, “I Love College” – is just ripe for parody.

When I first heard the song, I automatically thought of a song with the opposite connotation – i.e., “I Hate College.”  But it seemed pretty obvious – and one look on YouTube proved me right: just about everyone and their Mamma had done a “I Hate” song of some kind (“I Hate High School,” “I Hate College,”) or an “I Love” song of their own.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, though, it’s that just because an idea has been thought of doesn’t mean you can’t still come in and make your own.  Especially if those other ideas haven’t been presented well.  Most of the songs were recorded on lousy mics, or had a crappy video with it, and weren’t really good.

Still, even the sucky songs were getting quite a few hits on YouTube.  I figured if I made one with good quality sound AND a decent video, I could, at the very least, make people want to download the song for FREE – and it’s only available on my NEW mixtape, “Welcome 2 Cali,” so hopefully it will do just that!

As for the song itself, I knew that, based on all the complaining I did while in school, I could definitely do an “I Hate College” type of song.  It was then I realized that, out of all the song parody ideas for this song I found on YouTube, the only one I didn’t see was one about Grad school!  And, with these next two weeks being finals time for most students, I’m sure they are feeling enough stress and pressure to warrant a song like this being out there! (It also helps that I have friends in grad school, as well as my Mom, who complain about doing their work ALL the time!)

The song itself was easy to write.  Most of the stuff I did in college in terms of work and tests still applies in grad school (or so I’ve heard), only on a much bigger scale.  I decided to keep the same exact flow as Asher Roth did in the original version so that, when people heard it, they’d instantly recognize what I was trying to do.

I also used two different choruses for the song.  The first two are the exact same, with me talking about sleeping during a lecture, erasing my paper, and going to college to try and be successful.  In the last chorus, though, I talk about how, now that I graduated, I still can’t get a job even with my master’s degree due to a bad economy.

This song is pretty funny, and one of my favorite parodies!

Some Interesting Song Insight:

1. I felt the need to brag at the end about how I didn’t go to grad school because “I’m too busy being successful without it!” Part of the reason: many people I used to converse with back in college were so into the belief that they just HAD to go to grad school to make it, while I was of the thought that it was NEVER about the degree, but about (a) who you know, and (b) what kind of opportunities you can make for yourself.  (This, of course, excludes things like being a lawyer, doctor, or types of professions where master’s degrees and PH.D’s are strictly needed.)

2. Finding the instrumental for this thing was terrible! It took me forever to finally find a site that had a FREE download for it.  In retrospect, though, I could have just used my LimeWire program, but that would have required opening up my slow laptop.  Ugh, I don’t even want to think about it…


Since it’s a song about school, I decided to keep it simple and make the video like a school year book.  I found various pictures online associated with the subjects talked about in the song, and put them in an order that made sense with the song.

Along with that, I took pics of myself in various forms of book study.  I don’t have any actual text books, but the books I read are mostly about financial stuff, or being persistent in goals.  I dunno, maybe I’m studying to be a motivational speaker!

Once I took the pics, though, I decided to do a few film shots as well to break up the monotony of it all.  Thus, the sequences of me typing on my laptop, studying in my room and – my personal favorite – drinking coffee.  You’ll have to see the video to see why!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. I took the pics/shot the footage of myself at about 4 AM.  I had just gotten back in from seeing a movie and hanging out with friends, and figured, “Hey, long as I’m up, I might as well get my parts on camera!”

2. For the coffee portion to be sped up, I had to move the mugs very slowly.  And no, there’s no actual coffee in the mugs – I don’t drink coffee!

3. There are a few parts of the video where I have a picture, and I let it sit there for a longer period of time.  One of them is a comic strip and the other is a list called “Should YOU Go to Grad School?”  I wanted people to be able to actually read those pics, so I stretched them out longer.

4. Amazingly, this video took a while to edit.  With most picture videos, it takes me an hour, MAYBE an hour and a half.  This one, though, took about 3 and a half hours to edit altogether!  Good thing I was using a MAC and not my PC!

That’s all for now! Next week is the FINAL video in this year-long project, and I couldn’t be more excited! In the meantime, be sure to download my NEWEST mixtape, “Welcome 2 Cali!” See ya next week!