This week’s video is for the song “I Get Honeys (50 Cent ‘I Get Money’ Parody).”

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This week’s song, “I Get Honeys,” is a parody of 50 Cent’s popular song, “I Get Money,” which came out 2 years ago.  I also wrote this song two years ago at the height of the song’s popularity in an attempt to get national attention via riffing off someone’s song.  It didn’t quite work out that way – I had to wait to riff off Lil’ Wayne via “Obama Milli” for THAT to happen – but I still deemed it a song worthy enough to make.

Coming up with parodies is fun for me.  Because of me listening to “Weird Al” Yankovic so much as a kid, my first instinct when I hear a new song is to think of a parody of it.  To me, the best ones come naturally without me having to strain and think about it.

I forget how or when I came up with the song, but I’m sure it consisted of me walking around singing “I Get Money” and changing “money” to “honeys” at some point. In fact, as I recall, it was around the same time I got my previous microphone, the H2 Zoom, and was looking for stuff to record to test the sound levels.

I don’t remember the song-writing process for this too well, except that, because I was eager to record ASAP, it was fast and easy to write and record.  The only part that sucked was that, upon downloading the beat, I couldn’t find the instrumental without the words “I GET MONEY, MONEY I GOT” being yelled over the chorus.  So, when I recorded it, I managed to say the new chorus  – “I get honeys, honeys I got” – over it well enough so that you couldn’t really distinguish the original chorus all that wall.

As for the song itself, it’s not all that funny – it’s more of an egotistical “ha ha, I can get chicks” song – but the video is more than humorous enough to make up for it.  More on that later…

Some Intersesting Song Tidbits:

1. This is one of those songs where, while I don’t curse, there are a LOT of adult situation references.  This was recorded back before I ever anticipated having a large audience for my music.  Luckily, I was smart enough by time “Obama Milli” came out to realize the benefits of being a bit more clean.

2. My voice changes to a higher pitch during the chorus, but I can’t remember why.  I think it was because I was trying to sound like the chorus of the original song, with it’s scratched-in sound.  Didn’t quite work out too well…


First off: For the record, I actually had ANOTHER song and video for this week.  However, that video uses green screen, and – since I’m still figuring out how to use it – the video itself is not finished.

Luckily, I made this one early last year, and it proved to be pretty popular on YouTube (around 10,000 views or so).  Unfortunately, the YouTube site I had it on got taken down by the YouTube po-po, and I never re-posted it on my new YouTube site.  I don’t think anyone will fault me for wanting to re-post this up… but I ain’t got nothin’ else to put up this week, so HA!

Besides, the video has always been very funny to me and everyone I’ve shown it to.  The original idea was to have picture after picture of gorgeous women, but I didn’t think it would make the video funny.  Then, it dawned on me to take that idea, and bastardize it!  The way I saw it, people would start watching the video and be like, “man, these girls are HOT…”

And then, BOOM! – I’d hit them with a picture of one of the ugliest girls they’ve EVER seen!  Then, a few more pics of good-looking women, then… BAM! Another ugmo! It was genius!

Amazingly, finding suitable pics of ugly people online was pretty easy.  All I had to do was go to, type “ugly girls” into the search engine, and a gang of sites and pics came up.  As for the editing of the video, I used my muvee program, which was the only one I thought I had installed on my laptop at the time, and picked out the “paintball music video” edit choice to add some “excitement” to some of the pictures.

All in all, a really funny video, and one I’m very proud of, especially since it manages to be funny using all still shots!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I’m not in most of this video…. until the very, VERY end, when there’s a picture of me being kissed by an ugly, UGLY woman.  It’s a pic I took when I went to visit my friend Michele when she lived in New Orleans 3 years ago – we went to the Ripley’s “Believe It or NOT” museum, and they had a statue of the world’s ugliest woman.  I didn’t know I’d use the pic for a video, as I wasn’t making them at the time, but when it came time to do this video I knew I had to include it in there somewhere!

2. Near the end of the video, there’s a picture of a guy dressed in women’s clothing and a wig on.  This same pic was also used in video #3, “Your Mom’s a Ho.”  S/he was one of the “six baby fathers”

3. Editing time for this video, as I recall, was very short.  The longest part was trying to think up the names of various beautiful women celebrities and saving them to my computer.

That’s all for now – I have no more videos in my reserve, so I’ll definitely have something new for you all next week. After all, there’s only 4 more videos left to go!