This week’s music video is for the song “Hey There, Rihanna,” a parody of Plain White T’s “Hey There, Delilah!”

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On February 8, Chris Brown and Rihanna, two R&B/Pop starlets with a lot of radio hits on their hands, had other kinds of hits going on whilst en route from a Grammy party at Clive Davis’ house.  Details are still coming out about the incident a month later, but the short version goes like this: they got into a fight over Rihanna reading a text message from another woman off of Chris’ phone, which lead to a verbal argument, which lead to Mr. Brown punching, biting, and badly beating down Rihanna.  After almost choking her to death, police were called by listeners who heard Rihanna’s cries for help, and yada yada yada…

This past week, Chris Brown went to court and was formally charged with the attack, as well as making possible death threats towards Rihanna (i.e. “I’ll kill you when we get home!”)  It should be noted that Chris Brown grew up in a home where he saw his step-dad beat on his mom regularly, so it’s not too much of a surprise that he had the ability to go off like he did.

What IS surprising – though, apparently, it’s really NOT all that surprising to psychologist – is that, despite the very, very harsh beating Rihanna took from Chris… she still wants him back!  According to all the news I’ve seen on this story, he contacted her 9 days after the assult to apologize, and tell her that he (a) was going to get help to deal with his problems, and (b) that he still loved her.  (Really, Chris?  Were you feeling the same way when you were screwing other girls behind her back??)

I had so much info in my head about the incident that I couldn’t believe she’d actually go back to him!  At the same time, this kind of thing happens all the time, and, since I don’t know Rihanna (we don’t exactly run in the same circles, what with me having had ONE hit song, and her having had… gee, I’ve lost count), I couldn’t exactly meet up to talk to her about her decision.

But I COULD put it into musical form and hope she hears it!

It just so happens that, in my quest for songs, I parodied the words “Hey there, Rihanna,” a LOOONG time ago.  It’s what I do whenever a hit song comes out – I take the words and occasionally bastardize them for fun.  It doesn’t mean I’ll make a full song out of it (a la “Obama Milli”), but it does stick in my mind.  With the Rihanna idea, I never made a full song out of it because, while it sounded catchy for the first 3 words, I didn’t really have a song to go behind it.

And then this incident happened.  And suddenly, I had material!

Before I made the song, I checked on YouTube to see if anyone else had made a song parody using the same beat.  BTW, the song parodies The Plain White T’s 2006(7?) hit “Hey There, Delilah,” and it had the perfect melody to go along with the sentiments I wanted to say in the song.  Anyway, someone on YouTube had actually made a parody with the same title (booooo!), but it was about how much Rihanna sucked, and not about this incident (um… yay?).

Amazingly, there are a LOT of parodies for this particular tune, so I feel kinda late making a song to it.  Still, as Weird Al has proven time and time again, if your parody is good, it doesn’t matter how much distance is between the original and your version!

I was going to re-make the beat from scratch, and was about half-way through doing so… but it was taking up too much of my time.  So, I found a karaoke version of the beat, downloaded it, placed it into my Garage Band program, and viola!

As for the song itself, I mentioned all things associated (so far) with the case: Rihanna shacking up in Miami, her face being black and blue, mentioning the text message incident that started this whole thing… not to mention the references to Chris Brown being like Mike Tyson, O.J., and how his career is over (though, as R. Kelly has proven, I could be wrong on this assumption as well).  Once I was done recording it, I sent a few copies out to close friends just to get their take on it.  So far, it’s been pretty good!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. I mention her being in Miami because, at the time I started thinking of this song, she had been hiding out there in one of Diddy’s houses for a while.  I think she’s actually in L.A. now with her boy-toy Chris, but “Miami” and “Grammy” rhymed better.

2. Even though this song is about a serious subject, I wanted to inject some humor into some of the lines. Thus, I mention her covering her bruises with “Cover Girl” mascara (since she does ads for them) and the line about Chris being a biter and this “not being Street Fighter.”

3. There’s a line where I say to Rihanna, “Your giant 5-head must be cracked.”  She has a big forehead, and people joke that a person with big foreheads have “five-” heads.  Get it?

4. At the end of the song, I beg Rihanna to “please come be with me.” In reality, I couldn’t date her – I’ve heard how needy and/or bossy she can be and… well, let’s just say, if the rumors of her starting this whole thing are true, I definitely couldn’t date a woman ready to start an argument about dumb stuff!  Still, it sounds good in song-form!

5. This is the first song I’ve posted up where I recorded it using my BRAND NEW studio mic.  As you can hear, the clarity of my words is MUCH better, and everything sounds so crisp.  I love it!!


The basic idea was to do a mocking of The Plain White T’s video – all the guy did was sit in one place and play the song on his guitar while split-screen action was going on in other panels on the screen.  2 problems: I don’t know how to do the split screen thing yet, and I don’t have a guitar.

Oh well!  It’s called “making due with what you have.”

What I had on hand was an umbrella.  I decided to use it as my guitar because Rihanna had a number one song called “Umbrella,” so I knew people would get the joke.  I also have a MAC computer now, and, because it has a built-in mic and I was recording the video in my room, I decided to use it to shoot the video!  The result is picture clarity unlike any I’ve had in my videos (except for the “Fly Chick” video, where my friend’s footage was clear because – duh – she filmed her parts using a MAC!).

I shot the “guitar” footage from two angles: first, the front angle, with the computer directly in front of me; and second, from the side angle, where I’d still be facing forward and not looking directly into the camera.  Why?  I dunno – it’s what they do in all those other videos where guys are playing guitars, so I needed one of those shots, too!

After I shot the footage, I got on the internet and looked for pictures and/or footage of Chris/Rihanna that I could use.  I found some nice pics of them both (relatively speaking) and some pretty cool footage from news stories and other entertaining things.  Once I did that, I left my aparmtent and took a walk down the block to Wal-greens, where I went to buy condoms (don’t ask) and use my Kodak camera to film myself “reading” a magazine article about Rihanna going back to Chris Brown.  It was the PERFECT magazine to use, too, since I have lines in the song that pertain to her going back to him!

Once I got all the footage I needed, I loaded it up onto the MAC, made myself some soup, and edited the heck outta this thing!  The result is a video that I feel very proud of!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. For the part of the song where I talk about this not being Street Fighter, I recorded footage from a video made by… 50 Cent?!? He’s been going back and forth with Rick Ross lately, and posted up cartoons of Rick Ross as “Officer Ricky.”  Cartoon #3 dealt with the Officer going after Chris Brown, and has hilarious footage of Chris Brown and Rihanna in Street Fighter mode.  I HAD to get it!

2. The thing I’m sitting on in the video is my BRAND NEW FUTON, which I just got a few days ago!

3. Shout outs to TMZ, who provided the WORLD with the pics of Rihanna’s badly beaten face.  Also, I forget which site I got them at, but those blood splatters really are from the fight – her blood splattered on the car AND on her outfit?!? And she STILL wants to be with this dude???

4. For the shot of me in Wal-Greens, I simply placed my camera on top of a product box that was sitting right next to the magazine section.  Like I’ve said before, I ALWAYS GET THE SHOT I WANT.

5. Estimated Time for editing: I’d say 7 hours, but my friend Daren kept calling me, and I’d end up talking to him for 30 to 40 minutes at a time.  So, I’d say about 3 to 4 solid hours.

That’s all for now – download the song/video, re-post it up, and request it at radio!  Only 8 more videos left to go – see ya next Sunday!