Above: A video explaining my reasoning for making an edited version of “Obama Milli”… 9 months later.

As the video above states, there is now an “edited” version of “Obama Milli” available.  The original version didn’t have any cursing in it, or anything I necessarily thought was too racy… but I got a messages from adults telling me how much their kids love the song, but some of them couldn’t play the whole thing for them due to certain parts of the song that are more “adult” than others (i.e. me talking about wanting to make love to Michele, or using the words “bastard,” “prick” or – oddly enough – “negros always ‘causin’ problems”).

Luckily for me, I finally got a microphone that has REALLY good sound quality.  Since I needed to test it out anyway, I figured I could kill 2 birds with one stone by re-recording the “Obama Milli” song as a means of testing out the mic.  And it sounds great!

So, if you like the song but want one the kiddies can listen to without you cringing, here is the link: