This week’s video is for the song “Things 4 U (I Thought U Loved Me),” produced by ME!

Download the Single for 99 cents: A.P.T. Song Download – Things 4 U (I Thought U Loved Me) 



This is one of the few times where I don’t have too much insight for the song!

Truthfully, I wrote this song so long ago, I forget how I came up with it, if I had the words or the beat first, or what year I wrote it in (except for knowing that I wrote it sometime in college).  Odd, ain’t it?

All I know is, I’ve been writing songs in notebooks and journals for as long as I can remember, and this song was the first entry in one of those journals.  I wanted to write a “you broke my heart” song, and I wanted it to be a rock song.  In fact, I think the original beat I had in mind for this song had guitars in it.

However, I made this beat that just happened to go with the words of the song, and when I fused them together the song still rocked, despite the beat not having any guitars.  The beat itself is a sample of ONE song, chopped up and repackaged into the beat for this song.  I can’t reveal the source of my sample, except to say the “musicians” I sampled it from are the same ones I sampled for “Hooptie” and “I’m Trying 2 Get AiDS Tonight.”

This is one of those songs where I get to yell my behind off.  I don’t usually have the facilities to do that, but I was staying with my Mom 2 weeks ago while waiting for my moving day.  When she and the other housemates had all left the house, I had ample time to scream inside the house as loud as necessary for this song to be recorded!

After I laid down the vocals, I added some cool effects to my voice to give it the feeling of me being a rocker on the mic, and added some reverb to… well, just about everything.  It gives the effect of echoing.

Sidebar: my computer, a P.C., isn’t built to handle all the projects I try to throw at it.  Therefore, my computer started overloading as a result of adding all these effects at once to my song.  I had to transfer out each layer of track, then open a new file and re-load them in so the effects wouldn’t overtake my computer. 


Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1.  This song isn’t about anybody in particular – if anything, it’s probably a culmination of all the girls I got rejected by during my formative/teen/college years. 

2. The second verse of this song is the exact same as I wrote it whenever it was I wrote it.  However, the first verse had to be revamped a bit because I originally wrote it to be longer, and I forgot how the flow of the other parts of the verse was supposed to go.

3. In case you’re curious: YES, that is me screaming like a rocker on the chorus.  And YES, that is me singing the “Things 4 U” part – I sang in a falsetto, changed the pitch, and added echoing to it.  My production skills are on the rise, people!


My ex-coworker Unique, who is also a friend of mine via Facebook, posted this video on her wall:

Above: A guy freaks out on a blind date show.  Hilarious!

I saw this video, and instanly thought it would be a good video idea for “Things 4 U (I Thought U Loved Me).”  Plus, I knew it would be an easy video to edit – all I had to do was sit on a stool, film myself doing the song, add a few talking parts and voila – instant video!

So… that’s what I did.  I filmed for 15 minutes straight and went through the song 3 times so I could have different shots to use (including one where I use a microphone) and so the camera angle would be the same for all the shots. 

While filming the video, I thought it would be cool if I attached it to an actual dating show that people may have seen.  Then, I remembered that Mad TV used to do this skit called “Lowered Expectations,” where people who were the absolute worst candidates for dating would put up video ads for themselves.  Since my song has the “I’m mad at my ex” vibe, I thought it would be funny if someone were to use it on a video dating ad.

And that’s pretty much it!  Hey, I never said all these insight things would be long!

Some Interesting Video Shoot Tidbits:

1. Um.. hmm.  Can’t think of anything real interesting.  Like I said, it was a pretty straight-forward shoot!

2. Editing time for this was about 3 hours, plus the extra time I spent dilly-dallying around the apartment all day!

That’s all for now – only 16 more videos left to go! See ya next Sunday!