Another week, another video in the can.  Now that all my east coast videos are done, I can start making videos here in California! 

So far, I’ve posted 35 videos.  After the explosion that was the “O-bama Milli” song, you would think I’d have a bunch of people watching my videos each week, right?  Well, not so much.  Despite the aforementioned song’s popularity, most of my videos after that have been lucky to get even 1,000 viewers.  I’ve had some loyal A.P.T. followers comment under some of them, asking questions like, “Why aren’t you signed yet?” or “Why don’t you have more viewers?” 

I’m sure another question they’re probably asking themselves is whether or not I get frustrated by my low number of views, or if I still have the drive to even do these videos.  And the answer to those two questions is…

(1) No, and (2) Abso-frikkin-lutely yes.

When I started this whole experiment, there was no “O-bama Milli” out.  There was very little recognition of my name, outside of people I knew at Hampton University. And there was definitely no guarantee that any of this would work.

However, I’ve always believed that if you prepare for things as though nobody is watching, you’ll already be ready to move forward once opportunity comes.

For example: prior to “O-bama Milli,” I was already recording songs.  Consequently, when people started asking about mixtapes and/or albums from me, I already had material I could use for those projects.  Had I decided to suddenly start recording things once the song took off, I would have put out wack material because I would have been doing it for the notoriety vs. having it already done out of passion for the material.

The same goes with my videos.  Just because I may not have a lot of viewers NOW, doesn’t mean they aren’t having an impact.  It’s not about how many people see the videos; it’s about whether or not the RIGHT people see my videos.  If, out of 1,000 viewers, one of them just happens to be the C.E.O. of a record company, or someone who plans stage shows, and they end up contacting me to work with me as a result, I could care LESS about if anyone else sees it.

There’s an old saying that goes: “90% of success is showing up.”  But – and here’s the important part – you have to show up PREPARED.  If an actor shows up to an audition on time, but hasn’t read the script, it will be harder for them to get the part.  Similarly, if I show up to an open mic or record company meeting and have no direction, no product, or nothing that shows why someone should take a chance on me, I’ll get passed over for someone who may have less talent, but is 3 times more prepared.

Besides, I’m already starting to make some moves – not necessarily in the music world, but for now it’s top-secret – so it’s not like the videos haven’t already had a positive impact on my life.

Speaking of videos: I already have the concept and song ready for this week’s video.  It’s for one of the more rock-ish songs off “The Great Black Hope” album, and it’s going to be high-energy, angry, and… well, you’ll have to see it to believe it!

That’s all for now – see ya soon!