Ladies and Gentleman, I proudly present to you…


The BRAND New Album from A.P.T.!

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Happy birthday to me! – and to YOU! (If it’s your birthday, that is!)

To celebrate, I am releasing my new album today, entitled “The Great Black Hope!”  I spent a whole day mixing and mastering the album together – as of right now I’ve been up for 31 hours straight, a record for me – and it’s easily the best piece of work I’ve done!

Okay, so yeah, ALL artist say their new album is the best thing ever.  But I say that for this album because I’ve really started to master this whole mixing of albums thing.  The beats on this one sound bigger, the vocals are arranged better, and the presentation of it is perfect.

Not to mention the SONGS!  I always try to steer in the opposite direction of what other people are doing, especially when it comes to song-writing.  Peep the B-boy beat of “That Boy Is Cra-zy,” or the unexpected song topic turn for the upbeat jam “Hands UP!” where, instead of talking about partying, I mangage to bring real-life issues into the fold.  And of course, that wonderful brand of humor that I’m known for is also on their – slick rhymes, clever wordplay, and commentary on real issues in a way that’s laughable at the same time!

Also included on the album are two bonus tracks, including the oh-so-popular “Obama Milli”, a.k.a. the Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” parody about Barack Obama that became the underground anthem for his Presidential campaign (and win!) in 2008.  Now that his inauguration is coming up, it’s the perfect time to listen to it a few more times!

Track Listing for A.P.T.’s “The Great Black Hope”:

  1. The Great Black Hope
  2. That Boy is Cra-zzzzzy!
  3. I’m Trying 2 Get AIDS 2 Night
  4. Nothin’ More 2 Say
  5. What Had Happened Was…
  6. Hands UP!
  7. Things 4 You (I Thought U Loved Me)
  8. Ambition Remix (feat. T-Bone and Z-man)
  9. You’re Outta Luck
  10. Find a Way
  11. A.P.T. Commentary on each track from “THE GREAT BLACK HOPE”
  12. BONUS SONG #1: Hooptie
  13. BONUS SONG#2: Obama Milli

That’s all for now – enjoy the album, and be sure to tell your friends!