Well, surprise, surprise!

I thought I’d be working down to the last minute to finish up my newest mixtape, “The Next Black President (aka Back on My Grind)”… but lo and behold: it’s done!

It’s not supposed to come out until December 2nd, but it’s actually done NOW!  Well, about 98% – I still have to edit about 3 minutes off one of the tracks so it’ll clock in at under 80 minutes.  Don’t worry, it’s not 80 minutes of music – I included a podcast interview I did with a guy named Rhymestyle, which clocks in at about 18 minutes, plus there’s a track previewing “The A.P.T. LP” which I’m going to shave down so the whole thing will fit on a CD (should someone want to burn it).

I’m also going to have an option where people can order the CD for FREE, provided they pay the 2.99 shipping fee.  No sense in not letting people have a mixtape if they want it!

As for this week’s video… I finally figured out the video I want to do for the “Hooptie” track… but I won’t be able to film it for at least a week.  Why?  It requires me being in a car (which I don’t currently have), and I have to rent it but won’t have the money for it until after I start my new job! Yes, I finally got hired someplace.  Actually, I could have been hired a while ago, but I really needed the month off from working to do whatever I wanted to do.

With that said, I will be doing a video for a song off the mixtape.  I have a few ideas for some of the songs, but I probably won’t really know until tonight.  Stay tuned, people!


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