Above: A.P.T. will be interviewed/co-hosting an internet radio show, BlazeRadio!  LIVE, tonight at 8PM EST/7 CST.  Click the video for info on how to hear it on iTunes!!

These days, I get a LOT of fan mail.  Most of it is from the comments I receive on my videos courtesy of YouTube, but I also get messages from people requesting certain services from me (collaborations, beat usage, etc.)

Occasionally, I’ll get an offer to be interviewed.  These are the messages I like best because they allow me to get the word out about my music and stuff that I’m selling.  And such is the case with one of my recent messages: this college radio broadcast from Alabama – www.blazeradio.org– has asked if they could interview me for their show.  Being that Barack Obama won the election – and, being that I made the oh-so-popular “Obama Obama” song – they want to interview me.

I thought that was pretty cool… but it turns out, they’d also like me to co-host the show for the first hour!  So, I will be calling in to the show to do that tomorrow!

I’m spreading the word out so that others can hear the broadcast if they so choose to do so.  Tell your friends, and pass along the video – it tells you everything you need to know about when the interview starts, where you can hear it and how to listen to it.

That’s all for now!


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