Another week, another video in the can…

And, one of the last few videos I’ll be doing in Atlanta.  Awwww!  I’m moving! I don’t want to move! I LIKE living in Atlanta!

I swear, if it weren’t for the fact that I think I have a better chance of getting club gigs in D.C., I wouldn’t even leave.  At the moment, though, I’m getting to know myself a bit better, and I’ve come to a realization…

I, Aaron P. Taylor, am a loner.

Please don’t read that and think of it as a bad thing.  It simply means I like spending time alone with myself, which, in turn, gives me time to create.  It also explains a lot about my personality, like why I don’t mind going places by myself (movies, parties), or why I’m happier hanging with a small group of people (2 or 3) as opposed to a large group of people, where I tend to be less vocal and appear withdrawn.

I don’t mind being labeled as a “loner” because, like I said, it’s not a bad thing.  Loners are responsible for some of the world’s best inventions (i.e. Thomas Edison), entertainment (i.e. Dave Chappelle) and artwork.  However, in recognizing this character trait of mine, I also realize the DOWNSIDE of being a loner:  it’s uncomfortable for me to meet new people.

Why? Because I don’t just rush out and talk to everyone without having analyzed them first.  Unfortunately, this proves to be a hinderance when it comes to having to hob-nob with people in the music industry or making the contacts I need to get to the next step.  Why? Because that’s time I could be spending CREATING instead of TALKING.

Luckily, there are people you can hire to do these types of things for you.  Of course, you have to find those people and talk to THEM about talking to others, which means… well, it’s a lot of talking involved.  With that said, my brother is a DJ in D.C., and he knows how to talk that talk.  We’ve been talking about working together for a while, so I figure now is as good a time as any to see what we can accomplish together.  I figure, between his ability to talk to people and my ability to create… well, I think I’ve said all this before, but you get the idea.

Anyway, while I’m here, I figured I should shoot a few more videos.  I don’t know what locals will be of interest for me to film stuff in D.C. for the first few weeks, and I’ve got 2 days left in ATL to film some stuff, so we’ll see what I can come up with. 

As for this week’s video, it’s already been filmed! I filmed it at the airport, and one of my friends was kind enough to film some clips of her for me to use in the video!  It’s one of the songs off “The A.P.T. LP,” and it should be a hit!

That’s all for now – see ya Sunday!