Above: Diddy did a remix to T.I.’s “Swagger Like Us” called “Swagga Like Puff” – and it’s hilarious.  Check it out!

Another week, another video in the can.

Actually, I didn’t have any idea what I’d do in terms of a new video for this past weekend.  Luckily, I have videos already stored up just in case something like that happens.  Now that I’ve got a few ideas in my head for upcoming videos I can go back to making some new ones; in the meantime, I have one or two more videos saved up just in case my mind goes blank again.

Now that I’m about to move, I’ll probably shoot some extra ones just in case I don’t have time to film any during my transition.  I don’t think it will be too much of a problem, but you never know what will pop up when you’re moving to a new place.  Oh yeah – I’m moving from ATL to D.C. in 12 days, and I still have to sell some of my stuff and/or throw it out since I’ll only be traveling with my clothes, recording equipment, and my camera (of course).

Anyway… so, this week’s video was one I thought of at the last minute last week, and was going to film, but I think the idea is much better planned out now than if I had shot it last week.  It’s a nightime video, meaning I’ll be shooting all of it tomorrow evening, then editing it on Saturday.  Luckily, this one won’t be too hard to edit since their won’t be too many cut-away shots.  Of course, I’m saying this now, but lord only knows how long it will actually take me to edit the damn thing once it’s finished.

In the meantime, enjoy the video above that I found while looking at other WordPress blogs – it’s a remix that Sean Combs, a.k.a. Diddy did to Kanye’s “Swagger Like Us” called “Swagga Like Puff.” Hilarious, and I may steal this video idea for one of my own videos. 



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