I’m movin’, movin’, up, up, to D.C, D.C.!

Yes, people, I am moving.  Atlanta’s been fun, but opportunity knocks in other places, and that place would be our nation’s capitol.

It aaaaaall started back in July, when I went to visit my brother in Washington for his birthday.  He bought out a restaurant/bar and threw a big ol’ party for his 25th birthday, and – seeing as my “Obama Obama” song was getting more and more popular – he wanted me to perform it at the party.

So, I did what I had to do: I went to the party, DJed for part of it, then did a performance of the song that KILLED.  Everybody came up afterwards telling us what a great job we did, and it felt GOOD.

But what felt even better was when, a week later, I get a call from my brother saying basically the following:

“Hey man – I got a permanent DJing gig at the place I had my party.  By the way, there were some club promoters there asking about us… they asked if I was the guy who performed the ‘Obama’ song last week, and I said ‘no, that’s my brother, and he’s in Atlanta.'”

That’s AWESOME, I thought – club promoters were actually interested in me and my bro doing performances…

Then reality sank in: “But I’m STILL in Atlanta!!”

And so, an opportunity passed.  And it felt like CRAP.

But that’s not why I’m moving up there now.  I figure that opportunity has passed.  No, the reason I’m moving up there now is because my brother is starting to get more DJing gigs, which means he’s starting to get contacts in the ‘biz with people that are important – namely, club promoters, other DJs, etc. – and it will be easier for me to make moves being around these types of people, as opposed to here in Atlanta, where I don’t have access to those types of people directly.

Furthermore… life in Atlanta, while fun for me, can be lonely at times.  I moved down here knowing that there were a few people I’d be able to hang out with (i.e. friends from Hampton, family members)… yet, when I moved down here, the majority of them never seemed to make time for me.  Not that it’s a HUGE problem, since I don’t mind spending a good amount of time by myself… it’s just that, for those times where I DID want to hang out with people, there weren’t a lot of options, and even with those people, they were still fairly busy most of the time.

So, I’m off to D.C., where I’ll have a brother to hang with (who has a CAR ), a job that will pay a lil’ more than it pays down here, and friends from Hampton who will (hopefully) want to hang out with me.  And, most importantly, I hope to finally be able to accomplish my REAL dream of being a touring musician – or, at the very least, performing at clubs around the DMV area (D.C., Maryland, Virginia – I just learned that nickname 2 days ago!)

As for this week’s video… well, last week’s video took me a whopping 9+ hours to edit, so for this week I’m keeping it as simple as possible.  Oh yeah – another advantage to moving is that I will, hopefully, have people helping me out with some of these videos, so they can be even more entertaining and extravagant!


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