Another week, another video in the can…

17 videos filmed in the span of 16 weeks, not including the various semi-videos I’ve made for freestyles and paperstyles. 

One advantage of all these videos is that they give me exposure to other artists who are looking for collaborations. I posted up a YouTube video telling people to E-mail me if they wanted me to jump on one of their tracks.

Lo and behold – someone did!

This group from Cleveland, OH called “Black & Broke” wrote me and asked me if I’d do a verse for one of their songs called… well, I won’t give it away yet since I just finished it, but they sent me a track with their two vocals recorded, and the song was so hilarious that I had to be on it. 

I don’t know how well-known these guys are – I think they’re relatively new – but hopefully the song will blow up and become a huge song in their city, then spread like wild fire until we all become famous in the process. 

In the meantime, though, I discovered something while recording the track: recording for someone else really makes me get competitive in terms of thinking up words to a song.  Not that I’m out to outshine the other guys on the track, but it kinda feels like it – like, you’ve heard 2 verses, and you have to come up with something equally good or better, or else you’re not proving that you’re deserving of even being on the track.

I guess what I’m saying is – I have to find other people to do some collaborations with so I can improve my writing!  Then again, maybe I should just act like I’m competing with someone when I write new stuff….

Nah! I think I’ll stick to plan A: finding others to collabo with.  It’s a good way for me to get my name out there, and gain new fans in the process.  As for this track – once I get the okay, I’ll definitely post it up somewhere for the world to hear!