This video is for a song called “Smile 4 Obama” feat. Luther Vandross!


Yeah, yeah, I know, another “Obama” song by A.P.T., right?  I think this makes Obama song #4, after “Obama, Obama,” the intro song on “The O-bama Mixtape,” the “Hey Jesse Jackson” song, and now this one.  The democrats need to pay me!

I wasn’t going to make another “Obama” song because I don’t want people to think I’m stuck on a theme, or that I’m just nuts over Obama.  What happened, though, was I was having a conversation with my uncle about how I wanted to perform the song, and he mentioned that, due to a few lines in the song – i.e. my reference about wanting to “hit” (i.e. make love to) Michele Obama, John McCain dying of a heart attack, and laughing at Hillary Clinton for losing – there would probably be a few places reluctant to hire me to perform. 

So, I figured, if I wanted to capitalize on the “Obama” thing, I should probably make a more family-friendly song that adults wouldn’t be uncomfortable with me performing.  I was listening to this Luther Vandross song called “Shine,” off his “The Ultimate Luther Collection” CD, and the words to it were so perfect that I figured it would make for a good “Obama” song.

I couldn’t find the beat to the song by itself, but the song’s opening was simply the beat with no words, meaning I could take it and re-loop it.    I also wanted to include Luther in the song, as I felt it would be a song he would allow for use by the Obama campaign were he alive.

Coming up with the words was pretty hard.  All I knew was I wanted to keep it positive, say nice things about everyone mentioned (including Michele this time), and didn’t want to include any mentions of John McCain’s name, though I did end up mentioning him near the end without mentioning him.  Luckily, the Democratic National Convention has been happening this week, and I was able to take notes while watching it that helped me put the song together pretty quickly!

Oh, and I know what you’re probably thinking: “Isn’t he supposed to just be doing ONE music video per week?”  Hey, you know what they say – you gotta take an opportunity while it’s hot, and – seeing as the focus is squarely on Obama this week – I had to strike iron while it was HOT!

Some Interesting Song Tidbits:

1. Although writing the song itself wasn’t that easy, figuring out what to talk about wasn’t.  Dems tend to speak about the same things: putting back families, better health care, more education monies, etc.  I swear, given the talking points the Dems tend to recycle, I could do the whole convention in 5 minutes!

2. The words for this song didn’t start rolling out until I thought of the LAST verse of the song: “And I don’t want 4 more years of Bush/ So let’s give Obama a push.”  From there, I wrote the song backwards, writing the second verse first and the first verse second.

3. Seeing as I wasn’t exactly 100% respectful with my mention of Michele in the “Obama, Obama” song, I figured it’d be a good idea to mention how she helps her man out and is a classy lady.  Don’t get it twisted, though – I’d still hit!


The idea was pretty simple: do a picture montage of Obama and his campaign.  They’ve been doing it at the DNC all week, and it seems to be a pretty effective way to promote who Obama is!

Some Interesting Video Tidbits:

1. I tried to find pictures that would match with various words and phrases.  I like being able to tell stories without having to always say them directly into a camera.

2. The edit time for this video was about 4 hours.  You’d be surprised how much time it takes to find the right pictures, place them in the right order, and decide what transitions to put in!

That’s all for now – and yes, there is STILL a video coming on Sunday!