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Okay, so now that I’ve gotten THAT out the way… hi, how are you doin’?

As you can see from above, I’m in full advertisement mode right now.  I have an album coming out on Sunday, August 24, called “The A.P.T. LP,” and, since I’d like to make money off the album (only 5.99 for the download version, 7.99 for a CD), I figured it might be beneficial to tell people where they can see my songs and join my fan sites.

It’s still a bit weird to me that people actually want to buy an album from me.  I’m already getting messages from people telling me they can’t wait until August 24th to buy it, which is just fantastic!  Between YouTube, facebook, MySpace, and this site, plus the thousands of people who have downloaded songs and/or mixtapes from me, I figure that even if only 10% of those people decide to make an album purchase, I should, at the very, very least, be able to make back the money I’ve spent on this album.

Oh, what? You thought I was just going to put together a bunch of crappy beats and just spit whatever garbage first came to my mind? HA!

Oh man, you’d be SO wrong!  For starters, I’ve actually PAID for a few of my beats.  Yes, I think my beats are pretty good, but I want a full sound for my album, and there are a lot of talented unknown producers out there that, in my opinion, make better beats than some established beat-makers.  Because I leased the beats they were relatively inexpensive, but sound sooooooo good! 

On top of that, I’m considering getting an interface for my laptop so I can use my studio mic.  Up until now I’ve been using an H2 Zoom mic, which, in my opinion, is okay, but it’s not as studio-quality sounding as a studio mic.  Unfortunately, the jack for a “real” mic is bigger than the plug in my laptop, so an interface will allow me to connect the two.  Then again, if it cost too much I might not get it – after all, “Obama Obama” became a hit, and I recorded that on the mic I have now. Plus, the song wasn’t even mastered!

Which reminds me: the songs on this album WILL BE MASTERED.  My man Rhymestyle, who I did a podcast interview with (to be posted soon) agreed to master my songs for me.  I had no idea what difference that made until he sent me a copy of “Obama, Obama” mastered. Man, oh man, did that song sound even BETTER – it sounded like my voice was actually IN the song, instead of just pasted on top of it.  Also, a guy named Aaron Thompkins has agreed to do my album cover!  He’s the same guy that did my “Obama, Obama” mixtape.  His artwork is good, people, and I plan to use his cover to advertize for the album as well, because he definitely deserves to get some shine for his work!

Lastly, there’s the advertizing!  As a musician, there are two parts to selling an album: selling the album itself, and selling yourself to people so they’ll “know” you and want to buy your stuff.  To that end, I’ll be recording a few YouTube “commercials” for the album – footage of me recording, small snippets of songs, stuff like that.  I’ll also be doing some “get to know A.P.T.” video spots where I talk about my upbringing, my intro to music, and other things people might want to know about me.

All this, and I still have videos to do!  I have some pretty big ideas for some of the songs on the album… of course, if I’m getting the same amount of help that I am right now, I’ll probably have to shrink some of those ideas down… but some of the songs on this album are going to be so HUGELY popular, I might not even need a big-idea video to sell them.  You might be thinking, “yeah, A.P.T., EVERY ARTISTS says they have that one big hit that’s gonna be huge.”

Um… have you HEARD some of the stuff I’ve released so far?  Just among the freebies, “Obama, Obama” was HUGE, “The Nigger Song” was HUGE, “Kick Bush” is shaping up to be HUGE, and “The O-Bama Mixtape” has been downloaded 775 times as of this typing.  I have a LOT of confidence in some of the songs on here, and I’m going to take them to clubs around ATL, get them played, and watch them get more and more popular.

And if that sounds cocky… well, good!  You gotta be self-confident about yourself to make it in anything, especially the music biz!

Aight, that’s all you get from me for now – in the meantime, get “The O-Bama Mixtape” if you haven’t already, and get “The A.P.T. LP” when it comes out August 24th!


P.S. Incidentally, I mentioned “The A.P.T. LP”, coming out August 24th, about 5 times now. They say a person has to see something 4 or 5 times before they consider buying it.  Just doin’ my job, people!