This is one of those rare blogs on this site… that isn’t about me.  It’s about YOU.

Now that I’m 26, I’ve noticed a disturbing trend: people around my age start living in the world of “reality.”  It’s the world of 9-to-5 jobs that are unsatisfying, marriages that aren’t all that happy, and sad lives slowly wasting away as the dreams people once had become nothing more than unfulfilled fantasies that they no longer try to go after.

It’s all very, very depressing to me.

I was a theater major while at Hampton University, and all my fellow thespians had the same dream: to become famous and make it big in some aspect of the entertainment field (theater, movies, commercials, music, etc.).  That was back in 2000 when we were all freshman with idealized thoughts about how easy it would be for us to land parts on stage or in film.

Fast-forward 8 years later, and many of those same people are not doing anything involving entertainment.  Instead of becoming that great actress, they’ve settled for being a teacher (and, as I always say, those that don’t know, teach!).  Instead of traveling the world, they’ve become young parents who use raising their children as an excuse to not pursue their own dreams.  Instead of being a touring musician, they’ve put all their musical instruments into the attic, and replaced them with a tie, a briefcase, and 8 hours-a-day of pure torture.

If only these people hadn’t given up so fast!  Many of my peers had such potential when I saw them in plays, or doing dance routines or music sessions, that it just sucks to see that they’ve fallen into the trap that so many people fall into: the “That dream I had can’t possibly come true” trap that is detrimental to their own beings.

People don’t realize how much God will help them out if they only keep going at it.  They don’t like to wait for results; they figure, if they can’t achieve their dream within the first few tries, they might as well throw in the towel and forget what they really wanted to do in exchange for a “secure” job.  Have you SEEN the job market today?  Companies are downsizing employees left and right – you’d have a better shot at so-called “security” by taking your talent and marketing it the right way than to sit at your job praying you don’t get fired!

But hey, if you don’t believe you can do it, just look at me.  A few months ago I was a guy who wanted to get his music out there.  A few years ago, I was running around Philly and Richmond, taking my demo to radio stations and asking them to play just ONE of my songs on the air, even if only for a quick second or during one of their 2 AM “nobody’s up listening to us” shows. 

Now, I’ve got an international hit playing on radio.  INTERNATIONAL.  I have a song that’s playing on BBC radio in the U.K., and nightclubs in Germany.  My classmates back at Hampton University would have never thought that was even possible.  I never knew if it would happen either, but I always had the dream of getting at least ONE of my songs on at least ONE radio station – which goes to prove my other point: if you follow your dream, you never know how big that dream will get realized. 

But you’ll never even get a small taste of success if you listen to everybody who says you can’t do it, or decide to doubt yourself and follow what everyone else is doing simply because it seems “normal.”  Normal isn’t always a good thing; in fact, oftentimes it’s BORING, non-challenging, and will keep you in a rut.  So, if you have a talent, and you think you could make a living doing that talent, STOP WASTING TIME NOT BELIEVING IN YOURSELF AND GO DO IT.

This message has been brought to you, in part, by “The A.P.T. LP” – Coming Sunday, August 24.  Yes, I’m advertising here, because I have an ALBUM coming out that people want to actually BUY.  See what dreaming big can do for you?