So, should I be weary of people trying to offer me their services for free?

That’s the question I keep running into these days.  Since June, I’ve exposed my music to more and more people, and I’ve actually grown a fan-base of people that really, REALLY like my stuff.  Some of these fans have offered their services to me for free for various things – making my mixtape/album cover, starting fan sites, mixing my songs – and I couldn’t be more grateful for people wanting to help me out.

At the same time… there’s always this part of me that says you really can’t get something for free in this world, and that someone is always going to want SOMETHING in return, no matter how big or small. 

Part of this may be my upbringing.  My aunt wrote me recently and asked what these people would be getting out of helping me.  As kids, we’re usually taught that “you can’t get something for nothing,” and that people are always looking out for their best interest.  In short, we learn not to be trusting of people or their motives.

And, to be honest, I don’t know if the people trying to help me want a little bit of exposure for themselves by attaching themselves to my name, or if they really do just want to help a young musician with little money get his feet off the ground.  I know I’ve helped plenty of people in my past, and at times I did so without wanting nothing more in return than a “thank you.”  So, for me, it’s not completely out of my state of thinking to believe that a person really DOES just want to help me for helping’s sake.

At the same time… there’s still that part of me that’s like, “this offer is TOO good to be true – they have to want SOMETHING.” It’s akin to ordering a pizza, and telling the delivery man that, unfortunately, you only have enough to pay for the food and can’t give them a tip.  They might SAY, “oh, hey, it’s no problem, I’m just happy I got your pizza here while it was still warm,” yet you still think they’re thinking, “man, what a bum!  How DARE he not give me a little something for my time and effort!”

So.. we’ll see.  I figure if I’m getting monetary donations from people not wanting anything in return, it IS possible to get non-monetary help from people as well.

As for this week’s video – I don’t want to give too much away, except to say it’ll be one of the more popular cuts off my “The O-Bama Mixtape.”  How do I know it’s popular?  Because I haven’t even made a video for it, and it’s already been posted on other sites and/or remade (not as good as MY version, though)!  It will be a pretty easy shoot, as I’m mostly using pictures with filmed footage of me mixed in.

That’s all for now – see ya later!