Now that I’ve had this site up for a while, I’m starting to get a lil’ bit smarter about how I aquire beats.

For some of the songs/videos I’ve made, I got my beats from this wonderful site online (which I won’t name here, as I’d like to keep getting beats there without someone taking my idea) as free downloads.  I aquired the beats with the intent of using the beats for practice songs, but many of those practice songs (i.e. “Shout Out To My Big Girls”, “Your Mom’s a Ho,” “Smile 4 Dad”, etc.) ended up being songs I really grew to love.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t sell those songs for money because I didn’t have the money to lease or exclusively buy the beats.  And now, some of those beats have been bought. 😦

This sucks monkey balls!!  I was planning on leasing some of those beats so I could put those songs on the album!!  Now, because I didn’t have the money to do so before, I can’t use those beats OR those songs.  Well, I could technically still use the words to those songs, just on different beats… but you get kind of use to hearing your words on a particular beat, and it’s weird to have to go back and do a remix for them, especially when you already have a video for it!!

I say all that to say… now that I’m in album mode, I have beats that I made, but I am also actively searching for a few more beats from other people that I can use.  I can still go to the site and lease beats from up-and-coming producers, but I now know not to go and even listen unless I have the funds to buy the beat right away, lest I end up making more songs that I love but can’t use!  I have a few beats downloaded, but I’m not making any songs to them yet.

Luckily, my brother has agreed to help me out a bit by lending me the money to get these beats.  I think he believes enough in me at this point to know that I’m worth the investment, and I’m working hard to see to it that his money doesn’t go to waste.  Then again, there IS something to be said for owning all of the work that goes on my CD, and I might just end up making all the beats myself.

Still, I wish I was in a position to just find a beat and buy it – some of the beats I find online are really, REALLY good, and their beats sound fuller because they have better equipment than I do.  Don’t get it twisted, my beats sound great, but I hate making them because it takes me longer to create a drum pattern using the Fruity Loops button than it does for someone who can just tap-tap-tap away at their drum pad!

Argh!!  I have to go.  I have beats to shift through!