Days off of work are a mixed bag for me.

On the one hand, I don’t have to deal with annoying clientele, and I’m free to do whatever I want.  On the other hand, since most of my money goes to bills right now, I don’t have a whole lot I can go out and actually DO on my free days.  This leaves me spending most of my days off in my apartment.  Needless to say, having 2 to 3 days off work in a row makes me bored REALLY fast.

I think that’s why I started doing songs in the first place – at least it gives me something to do aside from simply surfing the ‘net or watching TV all day!

With that said… so, I have my album coming out on August 24th.  All of the songs have been written and some have even been recorded.  However…

Well, since I’ll be charging for this album, I want people to have a product that sounds really good.  I’d like my songs to sound like they were professionally mixed down, instead of sounding like I just pasted my vocals on top of my beats.  To that end, I have an alternative mic I’d like to use to record – it’s a condenser mic – but I have to buy an interface to use it.

Oh yeah – for those not familiar with recording technical mumbo-jumbo, an “interface” is a box that allows a person to connect a condenser mic for use on a laptop.  The jack at the end of a condenser mic is not usually the same type of small plug-in jack most laptops have, so an interface is needed so it can be used.  They cost about $200, so… send in those donations!

Speaking of donations, I gave my first contribution with my funds!  A woman at work was walking around asking people for money to give to another one of our co-workers who was in the hospital and couldn’t pay all of her medical bill.  Since I had a little bit to give, I gave the woman a donation… but not before asking for a receipt (thanks for the tip, Mom!) 

I’ll post up a pic of the receipt later, but I have YOU all to thank for the donations, which, in turn, allowed me to donate to someone else!

That’s all for now.  I’m working on next Sunday’s video, sure to be quite popular, so bye for now!