Geez and wow, is it Saturday already??

As I’m typing this, it’s 11:41 PM (start time) on Friday, so technically it’s on the cusp of Saturday.  Man oh man, what a week it’s been!  I started out being in DC on Sunday, came back to Atlanta, worked, hung out with friends, went to work… ya know the normal stuff.

Then, there was the internet version of my week: another online interview, tracking my views for videos on YouTube (the “Obama” one is now getting an average of 10,000 views per day), getting letters from radio DJs/listeners saying my song is being played on their station, accepting MySpace friends (now at over 400 – not bad, considering I had 250 prior to this whole thing starting)…

All that, and I still have a video to make!

I swear, it feels like I’m living a double-life right now.  I have all this stuff I do online to get my music out, yet I go about my normal life as if all that stuff isn’t happening. 

Well, at least I TRY to.  I don’t usually bring up my exploits or what I’m doing unless somebody asks me – I’m always of the thought that they don’t REALLY want to hear about it unless they ask.  These days, though, I get asked a LOT. 

I go to work now, and the first thing I’ll usually get is someone asking me what my next video’s going to be about, or how many hits my videos have on YouTube, or if they can be in my videos – an odd thing for me, considering that I was asking people a few weeks ago to be in my videos and… well, I didn’t get ignored, I just didn’t get an answer, or would here a “sure,” followed by a no-show appearance. 

It’s funny how perceived fame can make people view you different, even if slightly.  But I don’t feel like analyzing that tonight.  The thing that bugs me out is, despite the growing radio play, offers, media attention, whatever, at the end of the day the goal hasn’t been reached yet, which is to get PAID for my music!!

I just sent my song off to ASCAP so that I can get paid whenever my song is played on the radio, yet that can take 6 months or longer to get paid from.  I have a mixtape coming out Sunday that I can’t charge for because it uses other people’s beats, and the album I’m making that I CAN get paid for isn’t coming out until August 24th (it’s called “building anticipation” – first the free stuff, then the stuff you make people pay for). 

Until then, I’m relying soley on my job for money (ugh) and donations from fans of my music.  When I first told my brother I’d be setting up a link for people to donate money, he thought it was a dumb idea – “Nobody’s gonna donate money without getting something in return” was his main thought.

But lo and behold: people have actually started to donate some money to help me out!

I have it set up so that people can donate whatever amount they want, be it a penny, one dollar, five dollars, ten-thousand dollars, whatever!  I’m not picky about how much a person donates, I’m just happy that they care enough to do so.  With that said, I have been receiving some donations, and I just want to say to those people, THANK YOU. 

For those of you who haven’t donated, perhaps you’d like to know where your donation money will go:

  1. OBTAINING BETTER EQUIPMENT.  The current recording devices I use now aren’t the best in quality – I use an H2 Zoom microphone which is really better used for talk radio recording; a basic Fruitly Loops program (i.e. doesn’t contain all the bells and whisles a full program has to offer); and a Kodak 6.1 MegaPixel camera to record videos.  In short, I’d like to be able to upgrade ALL these items so I can provide better-sounding material and higher-quality videos.
  2. STUDIO TIME.  There are several songs I’ve written that would require me to scream, shout, or use inflections with higher voice ranges… and I can’t record them.  Why? Because I record all this stuff in my apartment, and have neighbors that would complain.  Extra money would mean being able to record my songs in a sound-proof environment where I could yell ’til my heart was content!
  3. TOURING/TRAVEL FUNDS.  People have been requesting me to do performances in different states – but I can’t get there because I have no (a) car, or (b) money set aside for travel expenses.  Even if I only stayed someplace for one night, I wouldn’t be able to afford the hotel – well, I would, if I had donation money set aside!
  4. TITHING.  I grew up in the church, and believe whole-heartedly in giving back 10% to God and/or charitable causes.  And, being in Atlanta, there are certainly many churches I could give back to!

If you’d like to donate money, it’s very easy – click on the link at the top of the page that says “Donations and Charities,” and give whatever is in your heart, people!!

Okay, so onto this week’s video: it’s the second part of the video I debut last week, “Crank That (Yeah!),” a song that was a lil’ out of my lane, but necessary to set up for this week’s song.  I don’t want to say to much about it, except to say it’s kind of a diss at old-school rappers who are constantly complaining about how the current generation is “killing hip-hop.”  I hate when they say that because… dang – I’ll have to finish that thought on Sunday!

I’ll probably post the video up late because my 14-year old cousin is going to be visiting me, and I’m hoping I have time to give him a little cameo in the video.  He has friends that are fans of mine (geez, that’s weird to type), so I figured it might be a big thing for him to be in it.  Or it could be a small thing and he may not want to do it.  Either way, it’s a small enough part to where I can film and edit the rest of the video before he gets here, and add his part in last.

Okay, it’s officially Saturday (12:09 PM)!  Let’s see, is there anything else I need to type… oh, yeah:

THE O-BAMA MIXTAPE DROPS SUNDAY, JULY 27TH!!! Make sure you download your copy on that day!!


P.S. Oh, I almost forgot: here is another video someone did with my song, “Obama, Obama.”  I have people re-making videos for my songs now – how awesome is THAT?!?