There seems to be a misconception that I have either a partner or a group of people helping me out with these songs and/or videos.

I think it started with the “Obama, Obama” video: I asked one of my close friends if I could use a couple of her pics in the video since she (a) is a huge Obama supporter, and (b) had taken pics at an Obama support rally she went to.  At the end of the video I thanked her for her “participation,” i.e. her allowing of me to use a few of her photos/images in the video.

In the video after that, “Back to the Future,” I had my friend Michele call/text me a rejection message so I could use them in the video.  The last bits of help I’ve gotten since then were for the “It’s Over” video where my brother called in, and “Crank That (Yeah!)” where Michele was nice enough to actually say three words for me on my track.

However, outside of these very few instances where I received small bits of help, I’ve done everything else on my own, from thinking up the concepts of the videos to filming them, writing the songs by myself, etc.

Therefore… it really, REALLY gets on my nerves when I go to my comments boards on YouTube and read something like: “Wow, THESE guys did a really good job!” or, “Man, how did you GUYS decide to do a song about Obama??”

Like, where the heck are these people getting the idea that I’m getting extra help for all this stuff???

I guess it should be a credit to the good work I put out.  Even though it’s just me, I try to make it look as professional as I can, so I guess I should be honored that the quality is high enough to where people are saying, “he can’t possibly be doing all this stuff on his own; surely he must be getting help!”

But it annoys me.  Why? Because I go around asking people for help, and it’s a rarity (at least right now) for people to say “yes.”  Therefore, when I end up having to think even harder about how to create a video by myself, and figure out how to film certain angles without someone else there to hold the camera, and then have to find creative ways to shoot different videos in the same apartment and have them look different because nobody else will let me use their place, and have to do voices where I sound like different people because everybody was just too busy to record a small part for my song…

…the LAST thing I want people to think is that I got a group of people helping me out!!

Of course, there is something to be said to being a “One-Man Band Man” right now.  I’m getting a heck of a lot of education, not only in being creative, but also in discovering how to build up a fan base and advertise sans any help.  To that end, I HAVE had a few people reaching out to help me (albeit in different states).  For my mixtape, there is actually a DJ that wants to host the thing, which is great news for me as he should be able to promote it on his site and other sites…

…at the same time, though, a part of me really wants to do the mixtape the way I see it being done.  As I said before, I don’t want someone yelling all over my tracks, or re-winding back to the start of the song after it’s been played halfway through.  On top of that, I’ve already got people ready to download it, so a part of me thinks that any outside help would not really be necessary.

But that’s the controlling part of my personality that likes to see things done his way.  I know in reality that no one can get far in the music biz without having a little outside help.  To that end, I’ll probably end up releasing two versions of the mixtape: one on my site where I have it made exactly the way I want it, and one with the DJ who will be able to record all over it (ugh) but also pass it around to more people than I currently know.  It’s a trade-off, but one that should prove to pay off great, especially when it comes to advertising for my album.

Oh, you didn’t know I was recording an album?  Yep!  The title of the album… will be revealed on the mixtape.  I’m currently making beats for it now – yes, all original beats made by ME, meaning I won’t have to pay anyone royalties for using their stuff.  The goal is to have it out by the end of August, but, at the very latest, no later than Election Day.  I figure after that the “Obama” movement will have died down, which gives me 4 months to really show off my skills to people and get this album sold!

Dang! That’s a lot to type – I have a mixtape to finish recording!!