Another week, another video in the can.

As of right now, I’ve done 10 videos – 8 really, if you don’t include “Erectile Dysfunction” (which was really just a bunch of pictures) and “Hey Jesse Jackson” (which just had a picture of Jesse Jackson showing while the song played).  Making videos is hard work, but it does have the GREAT bonus of getting exposure for both my music and my face – people, for better or worse, at least know what the person making all these songs looks like, and they can get a taste of my personality.

There’s another advantage as well: people are starting to request for me to come to their towns and perform.  I already got an offer from some guy that wants me to possibly tour around on a college tour this fall (offer still pending), but now I’m also getting requests from cities outside of Atlanta to perform (D.C. and South Carolina come to mind right now).

One small problem: I have NO idea how to set up a tour!!!

But to be honest, I had NO idea I’d actually become popular off this whole “One-Song-a-Week” thing.  After passing around my music, performing, making songs and trying to send my stuff off to record companies for almost 4 years without any forward movement, it’s kinda hard to plan for what happens once you actually HAVE an audience of people!  I have fans, I have people that want more of my music (both free AND with a price tag – woo-hoo for that!), and – now it seems – I have people that want to see me perform live.

So far, I’ve only performed once since I started this site.  My brother’s 25th birthday party was this past weekend in D.C., and he asked if I’d perform “Obama Obama” at it with him as my DJ/hypeman.  So I did – there we were, me and my brother, performing in front of an audience of people, most of whom weren’t all that familiar with the song… and we ROCKED it!  I meant to film it but I couldn’t find my camera – a darn shame, because we had so much energy, we played off each other well, and the audience went CRAZY, both for the song and the performance!

So, I definitely want to start doing more shows.  Only one problem: I don’t have a car.  I don’t have a car!

Of course, there is something to be said for catching a bus to some of these places.  All I really, REALLY need to perform is an instrumental of my songs and a microphone.  Of course, bus tickets cost money, so if I were going to perform someplace, the venue would either have to pay me enough to cover my bus fare and possibly an overnight hotel stay.  But I certainly wouldn’t mind doing it.

But again – how does one set up something like that??  How would I know which places would have a large enough A.P.T. fanbase for me to spend my time going there to perform?  How would I negotiate costs and payments?  How could I get into contact with bigger acts looking for openers?  There is still so much I have to learn about the industry…

…but at least it’s nice to know that I have people wanting to see me perform, as well as other things.  I have to figure out how to make all this stuff possible – I would LOVE to be a paid touring musician, making money off performing songs I created that people have grown to love… man, that’s the life.

For now though – I’m getting some dinner, ’cause I ain’t eatin’ in 8 hours. Peace!


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