Ahhhh, vacation…

I’m in D.C. right now.  My brother is turning 25 next week, but he’s having his birthday party this Saturday.  He invited me up to come to the party, plus he wants me to help DJ it.  AND perform.  Geez, can’t a brotha get a lil’ R&R when he goes out of town!

Not that I’d be resting too much anyway.  I’m staying at the Crown Royal hotel, and have lots of downtime.  Which, of course, means I have time to film my next video… well, actually, TWO videos! 

I finally figured out how to do the song I wanted this week, and do a video for it in a way that’s not corny.  All I can say is this: it’s a dance song that’s very catchy and has absolutely NO message to it.  Just one of those fun songs I came up with during a freestyling session where I wasn’t trying to say anything too serious. 

At the same time, though, given how basic the lyrics of the song are, I had a fear that there’d be a backlash if I did the video for it in the wrong way, i.e. something out of my normal character.  However, I received a message this week for a video idea that I had already kind of thought about doing, but figured out how to expand the idea so that it’s a two-parter.  The video for this week is part one; the part-two “response” video, of sorts, will be next week.  This way, I have a legitimate reason for this week’s song to exist while at the same time having an excuse to make a song with simple lyrics.  Genius!!

But back to the vaca… so, my bro wants me to perform my “Obama Obama” song at the party.  Me, being the planning ahead person I usually am, figured it would be a great idea because I could film the performance and add it to my ever-growing press package.  Between the 9 videos (and counting) I currently have up, along with the two interviews (and counting) I’ve done, as well as the large amount of radio play I’ve been getting, I should be able to shop myself around to various record labels.

Then again, there is something to be said about letting them come to me.  I haven’t been sending out anything to anybody since I started this site, but now everyone – from interviewers to radio stations to fans, fan letters, etc. – has been coming to me.  I guess the old adage is true: “if you build it, they will come.”  Actually, I think I stole that from an old Kevin Cosner movie.  Still holds true, though!

Lastly, my cousin Katia posted a note on my Facebook wall yesterday saying she heard my song at radio station 92.1 in Richmond, VA – my home of 18 years before I moved to Atlanta.  It feels good to hear your stuff on the radio, but it feels even BETTER knowing it’s being played in the place you grew up. 

Truly, God is great!


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