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Above: New APT Paperstyle, “Hey Jesse Jackson” – A response to his recent Obama comments.

I don’t usually go out of my way to make more than one song or video a week, especially when I’ve got other things to do outside of making them.  With that said, though…

I was watching the news and reading, and both places were talking about the recent comments Jesse Jackson made about Obama.  Specifically, how he talks down to Black people and how he wanted to cut his nuts off.

He said this after a news interview, without checking to see if his microphone was cut off.  Personally, I don’t think things people say in private should be taken against them – we ALL say stuff when no one’s around that’s not always the right thing to say, so who are we to judge? 

At the same time, though, as someone who has been in the public eye for as long as he has, Mr. Jackson should have known that (a) mics aren’t always cut off immediately following a TV interview, and that (b) if there’s a camera in front of you, it’s not always cut off right away.  In that respect, Mr. Jackson’s comments should have waited until he was out of the building, and not said at FOX news – you said this stuff in a NEWS room where reporters are constantly sniffing out dirt to throw on the next person?!?!  Even if you WEREN’T on camera, you should have known that someone could hear what you said and type it up in a “he said/she said” column!!

What a dumb-ass!!

Anyway… so, I thought of this little paperstyle.  It’s called “Hey Jesse Jackson,” and it’s a remix to the popular OutKast song, “Ms. Jackson.”  I’ll be adding this song to my mixtape, “The O-bama Mixtape.”  I wasn’t going to make a mixtape, but so many people have requested one that I decided to make one.  With any luck, it should be out next week!

Oh yeah – this does NOT count as this week’s video.  That one has already been shot, and will be up on Sunday!