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Whew! I’m tired!

As I’m starting to type this, it’s 10:42 PM.  And it feels like it’s been a long day.  I was at my job today longer than expected, and almost didn’t have time to get to the radio station before they closed at 5.

Why the radio station, you ask?  I got a message on MySpace yesterday from someone who said they were driving through Georgia – the state I currently live in – and they heard my “O-bama” song on the radio.  Only thing is, they couldn’t remember what part of Georgia he was in or what station it was that played it.  I just so happen to live on the same street as one of the radio stations that plays Top 40 music.  So, after work, I took a CD of the song, along with paper print-outs of numbers and data from various sites to prove that the song was popular, and went there hoping I’d be able to catch the programming manager.

Turns out, he’d already left for the day.  Rats.  Oh well – I left the folder and CD for the desk receptionist, and went home, not knowing if he’d ever actually get the package.  It’s so much easier to convince people to play stuff when they’re actually there.



But, aside from the aforementioned story, everything’s been going pretty good.  I’m at the point now where I actually need my entertainment lawyer because I’m starting to get some… well, let’s just say, interesting stuff has started to happen.

For one, I now get fan mail.  Awesome!  At first, it was just comments on my YouTube wall with people saying “wow, great song!” or “your song’s hilarious!” – but now I’m starting to get actual E-mails at my e-mail address (, and the content of those messages varies.

Some, as I expected, are people I used to go to college with.  Which I don’t mind – I had a friend named Brandon Hobbs that was in the same acting program at Hampton as me, and the first time I saw him on screen in a movie – a REAL, released-to-theaters movie – I immediately went home, found him on MySpace, and sent him a message congratulating him.  I didn’t want anything from him in terms of helping me get on, but it’s kind of cool to see someone you used to know suddenly make it, and then be able to get in touch with them.  I don’t know WHY that feels so cool, but it is!

Other messages… well, I’ve gotten a few messages from girls I don’t know, but they’re pretty hot.  Which, for me, is an odd thing.  I think back to all those times I tried to get girls to notice me with no avail, and now I’m getting messages from girls telling me I’m cute and funny.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the compliments, but… well, let’s just say, there were certain girls in my past who felt that way about me BEFORE all this stuff, and it felt more genuine…  Still, feels great to hear it!

Still, other messages are inquiries about things like endorsements and performances.  One lady wrote me and asked me if I’d wear an “Obama” T-shirt they’re currently trying to sell in one of my future videos; meanwhile, another guy wrote and asked if I’d be willing to perform in NY at various schools, and wanted to know how much I charged!!!  They want to PAY me to perform?!? That’s awesome!

Of course, once there’s this much monentum going, you have to keep the wheels turning while at the same time watching your back to make sure you don’t trip over yourself.  To that end, I have to meet with my entertainment lawyer on Monday so she can help me figure out how to maneuver through all this uncharted stuff with me. 

All that, and I still have to shoot a video for this Sunday!!

But it’s all good – all of this is ultimately a learning experience.  At this moment right now I’m STILL not making too much money (although I HAVE sold 5 ringtones and 4 copies of “Obama, Obama”), but it’ll all come in time.  At the end of the day, I’m just happy to be able to call home to my Mom and tell her I’m actually making progress on this whole music thing.  She always believed in me, but still – it’s nice to have the downloads, numbers and fan letters to back it all up!



MULTIPLE “Obama, Obama” Ringtones Now Available!! Preview Them HERE: “Obama, Obama” Ringtone – 2.99 *Only 1.99, this week only (July 8-15, 2008)!