Hey everybody!

Okay, I’m about to go to work, but I wanted to let you all know: a Ring-tone for my Lil’ Wayne “A Milli” remake, “Obama, Obama,” is now available!  Right now there is only one choice up, but more will be made available depending on if this one sells.  In the future I will be charging 2.99 for it; however, for this week it will be available for 1.99! 

So, be the first one of your friends to own the official “Obama, Obama” ring-tone!  You can preview it and download it onto your phone by going to the following link:

Preview the “Obama Obama” ringtone – Click HERE! 


Simple, right?   Anyway, you can check there to see if the ring-tone is compatible with your phone before you buy it!

That’s all for now – there’s been a lot of good stuff happening, so I’ll write more later!

***UPDATE (7/9)*** There are now 3, yes, THREE, ringtone choices available at the site listed above, so stop by and preview all three!


MULTIPLE “Obama, Obama” Ringtones Now Available!! Preview Them HERE: “Obama, Obama” Ringtone – 2.99 *Only 1.99, this week only (July 8-15, 2008)!

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