Hey everybody!

I can’t believe it’s already the middle of the week.  I still have so much stuff to do!

I have a friend coming to visit me from out of town tomorrow, and I couldn’t be more excited.  I haven’t had many visitors since I moved here a year-and-a-half ago, so it’ll be nice to have some company around.  I’m cleaning my place up and trying to plan various places to go and things to do.  Plus, since it’s a holiday weekend, there will be TONS of stuff going on in the A-town.  Gotta say one thing about Atlanta, they sure do have a LOT of stuff to choose from!

So, I notice a trend that keeps on happening: I’ll type up an entry saying, “this week’s video will be such-and-such,” yet midway through the week I’ll change my mind and do another video with another song.  Can’t figure out WHY this keeps happening… but lo and behold, it’s happening again!

I was going through a catalogue of my songs (yes, people, I have THAT many songs ready to be made into videos) and found one song that I always wanted to make a video to.  It’s based on an incident that made HUGE media coverage back in late 2006.  The hype from the incident has died down now, so I’m not sure how popular the song will be…

…but it’ll make for a nice, simplistic video, which is what I’m going for this week, while at the same time displaying my ability to make songs with substance that also sound good.  The song’s already been recorded, so I should have just enough time tomorrow before my friend gets here to film the song and/or edit the video!

Of course, knowing how long it usually takes me to edit these videos (what with my Windows Movie Maker program being a piece of crap), I’ll probably only half-way finish it by Thursday night.  Oh well – the finished product will be well-worth it, no matter how long it takes!

That’s all for now!


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