Today has been a GREAT day in the world of A.P.T.!  Come along with me as I tell you about it!

Okay, so first off: I recorded the first layer vocals for my song for this Sunday.  I hate recording in an apartment because it has thin walls and everybody that walks by my apartment can hear me.  I tried to keep my voice down, but at the same time I wanted to emote the feelings I had on the song, and the only way for me to do that was to get a lil’ loud.

After I recorded the first part of the song, I hear a knocking on my door.  I’m thinking, “Oh great, here comes my neighbor again complaining about the noise…”  But when I opened the door, it was actually a tatooed-up guy who came down from the third door… to compliment me on my skills!

“You’re f’in awesome, man – you got some tight lyrics!”  I don’t know why, but I’ve always enjoyed the fondness of my music from strangers!  Must be an ego thing.  Anyway, he told me his girlfriend lived upstairs, and that they liked hearing what I was doing.  He also asked me if I got high (uh, NO), and if he could come down sometime and hear some of my stuff (heck YEAH!). 

I think I just got my first in-bound music fan in Atlanta!

Anyway, once I finished up the song, I got to filming the first part of the video.  I don’t want to give away too much, except to say the concept involves me talking to myself in some capacity.  For this part, I need to have two different looks, so I’m filming the first part with me having a mustache and a 5-o’clock shadow, while the second part will involve me having no mustache and looking a lil’ more preppy. 

This will probably end up being a 3-day shoot, and I can’t even begin to imagine what the editing is going to be like!!  Either way, I have off work all day Saturday, which means I got the entire day to roam around free and film/edit!

And, to make it even BETTER, I actually found someone to help me out with the video!  Once again, the person is from out-of-state (sidebar: what is it with my out-of-state friends having time to help me out, while my in-state friends are “too busy”?!?), but she did a GREAT job for her part!  It’s so nice to have reliable people in your life, ya know?

That’s all for now – see ya Sunday!