Greetings, fans!

Okay, so I had an idea for a video for a song that I already recorded… and was going to start filming it today…

But somehow, in the midst of trying to cast for it, I started thinking about my life recently – the people in it, the things I have going on in gerenal – and I ended up thinking up another video idea for a song that I hadn’t even written yet, and only had the chorus to in my mind!

SO, while the video idea I have for the other video will probably be made NEXT week, THIS week’s video will now be about the new song I just finished writing and half-way recorded.  I say “half-way” because I’ve only recorded parts of it.  I live in a studio apartment with neighbors that get home in the evening, which means I can’t finish recording it until tomorrow.

However, once I DO finish recording it, I’ll be making the video for it tomorrow as well.  I’ll probably make the video for the other song on Saturday – I have people coming into town to see me next weekend, which means I won’t have time to make a video then, and I’m just guessing they probably don’t want to be in an internet video (seeing as many of my other friends do not seem to want themselves blasted virally around the internet.  You’d think I was filming porn or something!!).

That’s all for now – peace out!