Hey everybody!

First, I’d like to begin by saying “thank you” to everyone who recently viewed my most recent video, “Smile 4 Dad.”  It truly was a symbolic father’s day gift to my Dad, but I had no idea how many people I’d touch with the song.  It also received quite a few downloads, so again, THANK YOU, and remember, I have other songs for download on the site, too!

Anyway… now that I’ve started this site and practically dared myself to make up a song each week, the ideas have been flooding in!  I listen to new beats at least 3 times a week now, and I usually just listen to them and freestyle something off into each beat I like.  The freestyles that end up having good choruses or concepts are the ones I keep – I like to do it that way because…

…well, if you just write a song, it usually ends up having the same pattern of rhyme.  Ever heard a song by Plies before (think, “Shawty” featuring T-Pain)?  His pattern sounds the exact same through each line of his songs, and it annoys me.  That’s why I like rappers like Jay-Z and Eminem – even if they write some of their lines (Eminem more than Jay-Z), they’re smart enough to change up their style thoughout the song, so as to take their listeners on a musical journey.

I found myself doing the same thing at one point; now, I mix freestyle lyrics in with written lyrics so I won’t just be reading into a pattern.  For example, in “Shout Out to My Big Girls,” the whole first verse was originally a freestyle, while the second verse is mostly written – both verses sound drastically different from each other, yet they both go with the rhythm of the song.

Yes, you’d be surprised how much thought I put into these songs, people!  I could type about it all day, but unless you’re a music nerd like me, it could get pretty boring.

With all that said, I’m working on new songs right now, and already recorded parts for next week’s music video today!  This is SO much fun, people, and I’d like even MORE people to check out the site, so feel free to send your friends the link:


Oh yeah – if you’ve read this far, here’s a treat: a brief video of my recording “studio!”  I live in a studio aparmtent, so legally, I can say I have my own studio, ha ha ha!  Check it out below: