Greetings, everybody!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day today!  I took the whole day off work to see the “Sex and the City” movie, and also worked on new music!

As I’ve stated before, I plan on posting up a new song every Sunday for the next year, as well as a music video for that song.  The song I worked on… will be further discussed on Sunday 🙂  Right now, I’m trying to figure out how I want to make the music video.  I don’t have any fancy equipment, just a camera, but I’m always trying to think of creative visual ideas for my songs.

Okay, so I guess since this is one of the earliest entries for this site, I’ll do a “Right Now” report.  Basically, I want you all to get a picture of where my life is right now, so that as things change you’ll be able to see a development cycle.  What fun!


* I live in Atlanta, GA.

* I work at a job that I loathe.  Okay, I don’t really loathe it – I loathe having a job in the first place because it makes me feel like a slave to a schedule and payment plan.  I’d rather be making money via my creativity.

* I have no girlfriend.  I have girls I date, but I haven’t really found “the One” yet.

* My income for the moment: I have enough money coming in to pay my 3 bills – apartment, phone, internet/cable – and to finance my progressive steps towards my dream.

* My current recording “studio” consist of: my Studio apartment, my bootleg Fruity Loops program, my laptop, a $200 H2 Zoom studio microphone, and a set of studio headphones I bought form a guy off Craig’s List.  Very nice sound, too!

Um… I think that’s pretty much it.  The song is done already, which gives me today and tomorrow to shoot a video for it.  Stay tuned!