My name is Aaron P. Taylor, but most people call me “A.P.T.”  I am an up-and-coming song writer and beat-maker, and I am using the internet to become famous!

Truthfully, I am an internet junkie.  When I’m not at work or making songs in my Studio apartment, I’m surfing the net looking for God knows what to keep me entertained.

The concept for this website is actually stolen from something I saw while surfing around one day.  Yahoo has this segment called “People of the Web,” where they profile people doing things on the internet to get famous.

I saw a story they did about this guy named Jonathan Coulton, a software engineer-turned-rockstar who, at the age of 36, quit his job to do music full-time.  One of his friends suggested that he try writing one song per week for a year, and posting them on his website.  By the time the year was over with, not only was he making MORE money being a musician that he did at his old job, he was also a certified “rock star,” touring the U.S. with no backing from any major music companies – just a lot of fans who were willing to put up the money for him to come to their town and see him perform.

(I highly recommend his website, – his remake of “Baby Got Back” is hilarious!!)

Now me, I’m a big fan of the whole “if the wheel ain’t broke, use it again” concept.  Basically, since it worked for him, I figure the least I could do was give it a shot!

I’ve already got a bunch of songs in my arsenal that have yet to be heard by others, and I’m always making up songs while I’m walking around town.  So, with that said, I am going to be posting up ONE song a week on this site for the next year.  From May 2008 until May 2009, I will post a song up here every Sunday for you to enjoy!

And, to add to that, I will also do my best to see that a video is made for each song posted!  It may not always be the world’s best video, but I have a camera that takes phots and video, so I figured I might as well go for it!

Lastly, once I have found which MP3 provider to use, I will display a link in which you can download the songs for free.  As of right now, I’m not asking for money for the songs, though that may change later.  All I want right now is for you to download the song, copy it, pass it around to your friends, and help me create a buzz!

In-between Sundays, I will be blogging on here about any daily aspects of my life that I feel warrant being talked about.  I already have quite a few blog sites out there where I dish about my opinions, but I don’t really have one where I blog about what’s happening in my life.  Some of these bloggins will also be music-related, in terms of where I am or what I’m doing to help further my career (aside from posting up songs here, of course!).

That’s all for now – enjoy the site, and subscribe today!